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Weight Loss Support Groups

Dr. Horace Rex Petersen
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Nurture Support From Other

Probably the number one mistake that people make when they decide to lose weight is they try to do it alone. They don’t tell others. Sometimes they sequester themselves in their rooms and are even afraid to tell others that they are dieting. This can be for many reasons, but one of the main ones is a fear of failure.

One of the best pieces of advice is to get support whenever you do a weight loss program. This is especially true if you lose weight by using a very low calorie program, such as the True HCG Diet program. You need support and help from your physician to monitor you and help you succeed. You also need support from others who are close to you, preferably the ones who support you in a positive way.

Surround Yourself With Positive People.

Focus on positive relationships. Build an excellent support group around you. Be like a magnet to embrace happy people with positive attitudes. Nourish and expand these relationships to fuel them into helping you. The best way to do this is to be positive yourself. Just like yourself, you like to be around positive people. If you portray a mental attitude of positive happy thoughts, you will be surrounded by people just like you who like the same things as you. Build up yourself, and they will come.

How Do You Obliterate and Erase Negative Feelings?

It’s easy: you get support. Share your efforts with friends and family. Have them do the dieting and exercising with you. We humans are social creatures. We like being with and doing things with other people. It is always more fun if you do activities together with friends, family and associates. The experience is intensified.

So don’t do it alone. Create an environment of friendship and happiness with your favorite, or even your unfavorite people. Everybody has a story, so why not share them all and live your life to the fullest.

Give encouragement to others and they will tend to do the same for you. Surround yourself with others with a positive attitude, just like you. And if they seem to fall back or stumble, pick them up and help them get going again.

“Don’t Worry… Be Happy”

Have you ever noticed that people who help others tend to be very happy people who enjoy their lives? Most of these people seem to grasp life with passion. They don’t worry about possible setbacks but concentrate on happy, positive and productive thoughts and activities.

Emulate these people. Any of us could benefit from great role-models in our lives. Help support others in their weight-loss and fitness goals and you will find that you want to do the same. Plus, you will see your friends helping you the same way you did.

Forming Support Groups

Meet with others with similar goals for fitness. Form groups to do activities associated with weight-loss and fitness. Here are a few examples of activities that you can do to help you and your friends maintain support.

    1. Invite friends over for dinner or lunch, but stick with your diet and show them how good low calorie dinner can be.
    2. Get with friends to prepare healthy foods. Add a lot of fruits and vegetables to the meals.
    3. Teach others the lifestyle changes that you are incorporating into your life.
    4. Encourage your friends or family to exercise with you.
    5. Schedule and organized exercise video parties and exercise sessions at your house.
    6. Meet friends at a gym to do aerobic classes together.
    7. Take dance classes together.
    8. Encourage and push each other to do the spin classes, the kick-boxing, or the step classes when they are backing out.
    9. Go walking or biking in the good-old outdoors together.
    10. Organize recipe parties to share healthy recipes that you have found are delicious.


Read Inspiring Books On Life’s Greates Treasure: The Attitde Of People.

Reinforce within your mind the powerful habits to succeed that you see in other people. Read books, listen to audio tapes or CDs, watch documentaries on people who have accomplished good deeds. Emulate the feelings that you get from their inspiring actions. Build a file of inspiring stories that have touched you in some special way. Watch documentary TV or movies about people who have had devastating setbacks yet found a way to win. We all have the capacity to do the same, if we think we can.

Maintain A Wining Attitude

Winning any kind of sport or contest is a great accomplishment. It requires an attitude to win, and not to lose. Gear your life to follow this winning attitude in anything you do. Grasp your situation and go all out. Don’t hold anything back. Run with it and don’t let anything or anyone get in your way. If you do, you too will win.

Make up your mind to win and nothing less. Believe in yourself, you have self confidence. Like a magnet, self confidence pulls out the best of you so you can persevere and achieve your goals.

Win With Your Health

“To succeed – do the best you can, where you are, with what you have.”

Challenge your mind to win the contest of losing weight and getting healthier. Believe that you can do this and you will. Pull that self confidence from within you and you will lose the weight. Stick to your program. Be tenacious and win!

Remember, “Life is a marathon and not a sprint.” Only with a positive mental attitude fueled by unrelenting self confidence to win will you accomplish your goals. We all have this ability deep within us. Let the winning spirit within you take over and bring across the winning line to your goal.

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