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Tracking Your Calories

Babatunde Ojo, M.D.
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Keep yourself honest by writing down the amount of food you eat and the exercises you do. The secret to lose weight successfully is to record everything you eat and all the activities that you do. The reason for this: accountability. Keeping a food journal, such as our Food Calorie Diary, has been proven to be one of the most successful strategies used for weight loss.

Why Keep a Food Journal?

Studies have shown that people who keep food journals lose more weight and keep it off longer than those who don’t. Recording the amount and types of foods that we ingest forces us to be accountable for what we eat.

When we see it written in front of us, we are forced to admit our own behavior. When we become accountable to ourselves, we become responsible for our own actions. Plus, by reviewing this and evaluating our eating habits, it can show us how we can change our unhealthy eating patterns into healthier one.

To record our food ingested, and our calories burned, we must have a unit of measurement that can be used for both items. Food has calories, or energy units, and when we exercise, we get rid of calories. Thus, calories are a great unit to use.

Benifits of a Food and Exercise Diary

Most people tend to underestimate the actual amount they eat each day and overestimate the exercise calories they expend during the day. Research has shown these errors to be as high as 40% from the truth. This is why maintaining a daily food and exercise diary is a requirement for successful weight loss. Studies show that people who do this not only lose the weight, but they keep it off too.

Tracking your calories keeps you accountable to yourself to eat right and to exercise enough. It will help you make these lifestyle changes habits by cementing them in your mind. It will also help you to identify behaviors that lead to excessive eating or excuses to not exercise. Spotting and correcting these problems can help you change wrong habits.

Other benefits of food and exercise diaries include:

  • Helps you see exactly what you eat and drink
  • Helps you see exactly how much you exercise
  • Prevents “calorie amnesia”
  • Promotes greater self-discipline
  • Results in better self-esteem
  • Boosts your self-confidence
  • Motivates you to eat less and exercise more
  • Confirms correct lifestyle habits during times when you plateau, which are inevitable.
  • Keep you on “track” to persist in your new lifestyle changing habits despite setbacks.

Create a Large Calerie Deficit

During Phase 2 of the True HCG Diet program, you will eat only 500 calories a day. Once you do this, you will probably be amazed at the amount of food that you had eaten before doing the program. Soon you will be amazed again for coming to the realization that 500 calories can actually be a lot of food, if it’s the right choices of foods.

The goal of the True HCG Diet is to create a large calorie deficit and to change your metabolism so your body will burn your excess abnormal fat. HCG works to change your metabolism so you burn your fat calories and lose weight. To create the large calorie deficit, you are allowed to eat only 500 calories a day.

To know how many calories you are ingesting, you must record them in a food journal. At the end of the day, the total the calories ingested will be 500 calories, which is much less than your body’s resting energy needs, creating the deficit needed to lose the weight. Remember, for weight loss, Calories ingested must be less than Calories expended.

Each day you do this, you will be more aware of how to change the balance of your lifestyle to achieve this goal. Don’t be discouraged, you will lose weight over time if you are disciplined and stick to the rules of the True HCG Diet program.

Focus On Change

Keeping a Food Calorie Dairy every day forces us to realize and admit to our weaknesses. We can then do one of two things:

  1. We can give in to our weaknesses, forget the diet, and continue to gain weight. Result: we sustain poor health and suffer potential health complications from being overweight. Plus we don’t look and feel as good. Or,
  2. We can learn from our weaknesses, set our minds to a positive attitude to change these weaknesses, and change our eating habits. Result: we lose weight, become more healthy, thinner, stronger, mentally more alert and energetic, and live our lives to a fuller extent. Plus we look better, too!

Creating healthy goals to lose weight is an important aspect of losing weight and being accountable to yourself.

Push Your Self to Accomplish Your Goals One at a Time.

Pick your goals and do a little every day towards reaching them. Break your goals up into smaller goals that you can accomplish in a week, and you will be more likely to persevere. Getting small things done is a great way to build up your self confidence. With most weight loss, you can be happy if you lose 1 to 2 pounds a week. Over time, these all add up and you will lose weight. With the HCG True Diet program, you may lose ½ to 1 pound a day. This can be a tremendous motivation to do more. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted or discouraged from accomplishing your goal of better health and fitness.

Do Something Good For Yourself Every Week.

Give yourself rewards every week. Celebrate your weekly accomplishments. There is always something good that you did during the week. Check your weekly measurement charts. Praise yourself when a value goes in your favor. Each accomplishment will build on itself and spur you to doing more. Reward yourself with something other than fattening food. Be creative with your rewards and have fun with them. There is so much that you can do to create more incentives for you to achieve success.

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