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Successful Weight Loss Tips

Vernon F. Williams M.D.
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Measure the Foods You Eat

Most people do not realize the amount of food that they truly eat every day. Every one of us has varied eating habits and we each eat differing amounts every day. But exactly how much is that?

In our present day culture, food servings tend to be “super-sized”. Commercialism has created an environment that encourages extra large portions of food for a “serving.” Unfortunately, our waistlines have suffered widely for this (pardon the pun). We have lost sight of what a true “serving” or portion of food should truly be.

In addition, we have become a more sedentary society and have forgotten what adequate exercise means. Thus, in order to lose the extra pounds, we must relearn these basic principles right off the start.

Measure and Record the Food You Eat

Recording the amount of food we eat in a food journal has been proven to be a beneficial action for successful weight loss. Before we record the food, we must measure the foods to obtain the correct weight and/or measurement of the portion size that we eat.

It’s easy, yet vitally important, to measure the foods you eat when you do the True HCG Diet. There are only three types of foods to measure: a protein food, a vegetable, and a fruit. The grain food is like a grisinni or Melba toast, and is only around 15 calories. To do the program correctly, you must know the amount that you need to measure very easily through a simple calculation.

First, weigh the protein food you are going to eat. Most meats should be weighed raw. We know that this will be 100 gm, or around 3.5 ounces. Calculate the number of calories in this protein food by using our food guides. Next, determine the number of calories left on your 250 calorie meal and split this up between your vegetables and fruit, using our food guide to help you calculate these values.

Once done, record the amount of food and the calories in your food journal. If you are a member of our website, you can download a Calorie Diary to help you record these values. Once done on a regular basis, these measured portion sizes will become engrained in your memory. You may then be able to “eyeball” them anywhere, including the restaurants where you eat. But check yourself regularly to make sure you remember correctly.

Keeping track of these values and recording them helps you make sure you eat the right amounts, and it keeps you accountable to yourself that you are doing the program correctly.

Create a Plan of Action

Measuring the food you eat during the True HCG Diet program helps you to evaluate your prior eating habits. You will soon feel fine on much smaller portion sizes and you will be able to see how you can change to eat a more accurately determined menu.

You will soon see that you can survive very well on much less food than you had been eating. All that excess amount of food that you had been eating, of course, equates to too many calories of food. Too many calories ingested have contributed to your excess weight gain. Now, you can start thinking of ways to improve or change these eating habits over the long run.

Start your Daily Calorie Diary today and see written down what you are doing. You will then know what has gotten you into the present overweight status. Changing it is your choice.

“WANT” To Change Goal

One of our goals is to try to help you to WANT to change your lifestyle; to WANT to change your eating habits; to WANT to measure your foods; to WANT to become healthy; and to WANT to live your life to its fullest extent possible.

Seeing success will help motivate you to WANT to continue to lose weight. Since most people do lose around ½ to 1 pound per day on our program, we feel confident that you will also see success in losing weight. This will help you WANT to continue to change, and learn a new lifestyle for better health. Motivation is the key. Attitude is everything; the way you think makes the difference.

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