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Record the Food You Eat

James Cook M.D.
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Researchers have proven that there are specific actions that can aid each of us to lose weight and to maintain more an ideal body weight. These actions are requirements to doing the True HCG Diet program correctly. One of these actions is recording the food you eat in a food journal.

By recording the food you eat, you are forced to measure your foods correctly, to learn how many calories are in portion sizes of foods, and you are visually accountable to yourself that you are eating the correct amount of food. It encourages better behaviors that can become habits if done over time. We encourage you to write in your Daily Calorie Diary every day and make sure you eat only and exactly the amount as discussed in our True HCG Diet program.

Track Your Foods and Your Progress

A big difference that separates successful weight-loss maintainers from unsuccessful ones is “self-monitoring behaviors”. These include the following actions:

  • Track calories ingested: do a food journal
  • Plan your meals and know how much to eat.
  • Weigh and measure food portions.
  • Measure body weight and fat regularly.

There is no doubt that when we record what we are doing, we become accountable to ourselves to do the right thing.

Unfortunately, many people tend to rationalize that they don’t have to do these types of self monitoring behaviors. The truth is, if you want to be in the successful crowd, do what successful people do. These self monitoring behaviors are the difference that makes the difference!

Tracking our body weight and measurements every week also helps us to be accountable. We can better see our success so we can celebrate our better health. Use the Measurements Form from our website (members only) to track not only your weight, but your other measurements as well. Seeing results in graph form is an inspiration to do keep on track.

Here are some of the behaviors and actions you must do to achieve success:

  • Track and monitor you food intake.
  • Weigh and measure every food you ingest.
  • Learn about portion sizes
  • Only eat appropriate portion sizes.
  • Track the food groups you ingest to eat a varied diet.
  • Record the portion size of the foods you eat
  • Record the calories ingested
  • Use a food journal, or your personal Daily Calorie Diary to record these
  • Plan your meals ahead of time may be helpful.
  • Plan to be accountable. Write a week’s menu or more in your Calorie Diary; then do your plan.
  • Weigh yourself weekly and record your measurements in your Measurements form.

Create a Favorites Form

Another helpful tool is the Favorites Form. If you are a member of our program, you can download this form from our website. The form helps you to record the amount of calories and the portion sizes of foods that you like to eat. By using this form, you don’t have to continually calculate the number of calories in a unit measurement of the favorite foods you eat.

We are creatures of habit and therefore we all tend to eat the same or similar foods every day. To make it easier to record these foods in your Daily Calorie Diary, refer back to your Favorites Form and retrieve this information. It will speed up the recording process, help prevent mistakes in calculations, and help engrain in your mind the number of calories in a specific portion of food.

Doing food journals, Measurements Tracking forms and Favorites forms helps you to lose weight through accountability and creation of habits that will contribute to long term weight loss success. It also helps remind us that we have done a good thing for ourselves.

Every Day Remind Yourself That You Accomplished Something Good.

As you lose weight using the True HCG Diet program, there will be times when you may not see the weight coming off. Don’t worry about these times; you have to lose weight over time because you have created a huge calorie deficit that will result in weight loss in time. Focus only on your successful accomplishments that you are proud of. Build on your strengths and not your weaknesses. Everybody has strengths. Learn what these are and focus on them. Make this winning attitude a habit that you do every day in your life. Be your own coach for your self confidence. Coach yourself to overcome challenges that you meet every day. Overcoming these challenges is indeed accomplishing something good and be proud of yourself for doing it.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Never dwell on what you didn’t do or what didn’t work for you. Consider every experience as a learning experience. The greatest mistake you can make in this life is to be constantly fearful you will make one. Recognize your mistakes and turn them around into profitable or educational experiences for you. There is nothing better than to feel good about making a mistake, because you know you won’t make it again. Making mistakes is not stupid; disregarding them is.

Record your mistakes along with your successes. These can be notes in your Food Journal. If you record them and review them over time, you are more likely to learn from your mistakes and not repeat them. Review your food journal and your Measurements Form to visually see how you are progressing. Over time, this will help motivate you to continue and persist in long term weight loss success.

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