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Phases of HCG diet

Gregory A. Alouf, Md, PC
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Broadly speaking, HCG diet can be segregated in 3 parts- loading phase (phase 1), weight loss phase (phase 2) and stabilization phase or phase 3.

Phase One:

In the loading phase or first phase, a candidate is required to eat and consume drinks as much as possible to prepare the body for future days of low calorie intake. It also provides the body with enough energy to last the upcoming days.  Only in this phase of the diet, the candidate can eat carbohydrate and high amounts of protein. It can last for 2 days to a week.

Phase Two:

The 2nd phase of HCG diet, also called as weight loss phase is the actual part where excess weight is discarded from the candidate’s body. As per Dr Simeons guidelines, a person is allowed to intake only 500 calories per day in this part. This phase is meant for 3 or 4 weeks.

Modern iterations of HCG diet also allow candidates to stretch the daily calorie count to 800 calories, for those who find 500 calories a day too restrictive or hard to follow. In this phase, as is the case with all other parts of HCG diet, you can drink water as the main fluid. Other non carbonated drinks are allowed with stevia.

Green tea or homemade lemonades are among options that can be taken once in a while. You can also eat small amounts of fat less meat and many types of fruits in this phase.

Phase Three:

The third phase of HCG diet, also called the stabilization phase lasts for 3 weeks. During this phase, candidates are allowed to increase daily calorie count in a gradual way. After the phase ends, candidates can resume regular meals, with some considerations.

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