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Motivation to Lose Weight

James Cook M.D.
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Motivation is a key behavior that will empower you to succeed in losing weight. The True HCG Diet spurs your motivation. You lose weight quickly yet you fee fine and have energy. You become more excited about wanting to eat correctly and exercise regularly. If you persist, you can maintain this excitement and boost your motivation even more.

Certainly we all need to learn about proper nutrition, portion control, exercising. The True HCG Diet encourages all these actions. However, no matter how we-informed you are, you won’t do what you need to do without motivation. To help you, make some goals to live by that will help you to get motivated and stay there.

Motivation Works For You

Generally, motivation works in one of two ways: positive or negative. We either receive positive reinforcement from our actions that will make us want to continue to do them, or we avoid doing them because of negative consequences from them.

For example, a positive reinforcement could be, “When I lose my extra weight, I will look and feel great!” A negative consequence could be, “If I don’t lose my extra weight, I could suffer from debilitating diabetes, heart disease and cancer.”

Different people respond differently and you will have to assess yourself regarding your preferred method. Some prefer positive reinforcements, some negative. We prefer to emphasis the positive reinforcement route. You change your mindset to embrace the positive.

Losing Weight Helps You Look Great

Most people would like to look better, not only for themselves but also for those who see them. Most studies show a significant boost in self-confidence in people who are more attractive. When people feel good about the way they look, they usually are happier and more successful in not only their personal life, but also their business life.

Think about losing weight to look great as a positive gift you can give yourself for self improvement. Whenever you lose a few pounds, build up you self-esteem and give yourself praise. The way you look at yourself will give you strength to persevere. Continuously envision yourself as that thin and sexy person you want to be. Remember, if you can envision it happening, it will happen in time.

Losing Weight Makes You Healthier

There is no question about the health improving benefits of losing weight. All studies confirm an association between being overweight and an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, joint problems, and a number of other medical conditions. If we reduce our risk of developing these problems, we can potentially give ourselves the gift of a longer and more active life through better health.

These are positive ideas to improve our life. Just think, you can have that life that you really want. Of all the gifts that we can give ourselves, the best gift of all is the gift of good health. We all dream of living longer lives and to live our lives as actively as we can. Lifestyle changes of proper nutrition and exercise with weight maintenance will help us achieve this longer healthier life.

Losing Weight Makes You Energized

When you’re overweight you have to bring a lot of extra pound with you wherever you go. It is a known fact that people who are overweight tend to be more fatigued and tired. They just don’t have the energy that they would like to have. Do you blame them? Anyone would get tired if they had to lug and extra 25 to 50 pounds with them.

By shedding the extra pounds, you have less of you to carry around, so you have more energy left to be excited about living. Exercising on a regular basis to help you accomplish this goal is also an energy booster. Most people feel energized when they exercise and lose weight; and so will you.

Losing Weight Expands Your Opportunities

Many people who are overweight, especially many obese people, find themselves isolated from opportunities. This is a common problem that reduces a person’s self esteem and self confidence. You don’t have to settle for this type of life.

Most people who lose weight find greater opportunities are available to them. You will find this to be true too. Changing your mindset to a more positive attitude will improve your social life. More people will want to join you in your activities because you exude success for overcoming a difficult obstacle in your life. Your overall quality of life and sense of accomplishment will sky-rocket.

There are probably hundreds of other reasons why you should lose weight and get fit. Pick your own goals for this achievement and use this motivational energy to succeed.

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