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Make Losing Weight a Priority

Angelo Baccellieri, MD
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Anyone can lose weight and get fit if they make doing this a priority. To do the True HCG Diet program successfully, you must make losing weight a priority. Eating less food can be quite challenging at first but it gets better once you allow the power of HCG to work. You will have increased energy and decreased appetite. Put you have to make it a priority to do the program exactly as outlined.

Don’t Make Excuses

Ever hear yourself saying the following? “I don’t have time for myself, I am always doing things for my kids, or my husband, or the school, or work, and I just don’t have time to exercise.” Or simply, “I just don’t have time for it.”

Of course you don’t! We’re all way too busy! Nobody has the time to learn how to eat right. No one has time to write down everything they eat so they can see how many calories they’re eating. Nobody can fit thirty minutes of exercise into their life. No one can do any of these things! Unless, of course, they make it a priority to do them.

You cannot succeed in your weight loss goals if you don’t make change a priority. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to keep getting what you’re getting. To change, consciously force yourself to take time to become a better you.

Do You Really Have No Time For Yourself?

Think about this. Do you schedule going to work? Do you schedule taking kids to activities like soccer or birthday parties? Do you schedule yourself to eat with others? Do you schedule countless other activities in your life that you can and do find the time for?

The truth of the matter is that every one of us does indeed have time to lose weight and get fit if they make it a priority to do so. Be honest with yourself. You schedule your time to do all those other things you do in your daily life, why not schedule time for yourself to become healthier?

Schedule yourself to exercise. Schedule yourself to prepare your food to eat correctly. Take the time to record your meals, your exercises, and reevaluate your lifestyle to make it better. Making a commitment to lose weight means making this a top priority in your life. You must think and believe that weight loss is one of the most important goals that you have in your life.

You Are 100% Responsible For Your Actions

Only you can choose the direction of your life. It is not up to your kids, your spouse, your work, your relatives, or your friends. You and you alone are responsible for your actions. We may have responsibilities that we must take care of, but commend yourself for being responsible. Moreover, commend yourself when you actively take the time to lose weight.

The reality is that every activity that you do is really activity that you choose to do. You are the only one who has chosen to do these activities. You are the only one who is doing them. You alone are responsible for choosing these activities. Therefore, if you can choose to do things for others in your life, why not choose to do things for yourself to help you live a better life?

By changing your mindset to becoming 100% responsible for your actions, you can change your life. You can choose to make losing weight a priority while also choosing to fulfill your responsibilities. You can fit the right actions into your life’s schedule if you choose well.

Choose to Make Your Health a Priority

Weight-loss is a lifestyle changing action that is more than just dieting and “watching” what you eat. It is making yourself the number one priority in your life. It is a conscious mental change in your priorities such that you and your health are number one and you are going to take care of number one the best that you can.

Sure, you can still take care of your family, your husband, still work and go to the PTA or whatever you want. You should never ignore responsibilities in your life. But you also need to take care of your needs. The other people in your life are not going to be able to enjoy your company if you die from medical problems secondary to your poor health caused by you being overweight.

Learn a Better Lifestyle

Aristotle said – “Whatever we learn to do, we learn by doing it”.

Learning the right foods to eat and in the right portions takes time. We must learn about food groups, about calories, about serving sizes. Looking up calories in food servings takes time to do initially. Writing these down in your food journal takes time too. Writing them in your Favorites List helps you to learn them too. But once you have learned these numbers, you will remember them and you will be able to record your journal faster and more efficiently. Soon it will take seconds to do it.

Exercising and learning how to do the right exercises takes time also. Once again, if you make exercise a priority in your life, you will find those 10 and 20 minute segments in your daily schedule. You will find time to make yourself get healthy. Do this every day and it will become a habit. Your priorities in life will be your health and you will achieve your weight loss goals.

The True HCG Diet encourages the development of all these habits and helps you to make them priorities in your life. If you persist in doing them, they become habits that will help you maintain your successful weight lost for the rest of your life.

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