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Maintain Positive Mindset

Dr Mark X. Lowney
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Whether you are trying to lose weight or getting ahead in your business, to meet your problems with success, you must maintain a positive attitude. This requires an inner confidence and inner fortitude that can make you mentally strong. What you need to do to maintain this positive attitude is to trust in yourself and your abilities. This self trust will spur you take action to solve and correct any problems that come at you.

“The first secret of success is self trust.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

I Cand Do It

“The last time you failed, did you stop trying because you failed – or did you fail because you stopped trying?”

A positive mindset means maintaining a “Can do” attitude. Unfortunately, countless millions of people feel that they just can’t do it. They are held back by their unacceptable doubts and fears. Unknowingly, they are the reason why they just can’t reach their goals. They hold themselves back from what they potentially could achieve simply because they believe that they just can’t do it! They maintain an attitude that they just don’t have what it takes to succeed.

The main reason why so many people think this way is due to a deep inner conflict of inferiority and inadequacy. They feel that the ordinary problems of life are just too much for them to cope with. Unfortunately for them, the truth is far from this concept. Any of us can overcome this despair by becoming more confident in ourselves. If we embrace the “I can do it” attitude, we vault over that first hurdle to reach the winning line.

Maintain a Winning Attitude

“A good leader inspires men to have confidence in him; a great leader inspires them to have confidence in themselves.”

Winning any kind of sport or contest is a great accomplishment. It requires an attitude to win, and not to lose. Gear your life to follow this winning attitude in anything you do. Grasp your situation and go all out. Don’t hold anything back. Run with it and don’t let anything or anyone get in your way. If you go for it with an attitude to win, you too most likely will win.

Make up your mind to win and nothing less. Believe in yourself, you have self confidence. Like a magnet, self confidence pulls out the best of you so you can persevere and achieve your goals.

Win With Your Health

“To succeed – do the best you can, where you are, with what you have.”

Challenge your mind to win the contest of losing your weight. Losing weight will help you get fit and healthy, plus you’ll look better too. Believe that you can do this and you will. Pull that self confidence from within you and you will lose the weight. The HCG Diet will help you achieve you weight loss goals quickly if you persist. Keep that Can Do attitude in your mind. Stick to your program. Be tenacious and win!

Remember, “Life is a marathon and not a sprint.” Only with a positive mental attitude fueled by unrelenting self confidence to win will you accomplish your goals. We all have this ability deep within us. Let the winning spirit within you take over and make you cross the winning line to your goal.

If we always think positive, if we surround ourselves with people who have positive attitudes, if we dwell on the positive, something positive most likely will come to us. If we continue to maintain these positive thoughts, our fear and worries will vanish and allow us to do even more than we can imagine.

Expect Success

If you expect defeat and worse, if you expect failure and mediocrity, you will most likely become what you believe. If you do the opposite and think win, think the best for yourself. Expect success and expect to achieve high standards, you will be more likely to achieve these ideals. You will become what you believe.

When you come into tough times and you’re down on yourself, expect things to get better; expect to turn things around; expect your talents to make things better. When bad things pull you down, believe in yourself that you can resurface with a winning attitude and be able rise again with success. If you believe you can, then you are on your way to getting there. But first you have to believe you can, and you will become what you believe.

Choose to stay focused on things that you can do and actions that you can take. Don’t allow yourself to choose to think negative thoughts of defeat or what you can’t do. If you choose this latter route, you simply allow yourself to be dominated by destructive thoughts, you are agreeing to be defeated. You are allowing destructive thoughts to dominate your life. Instead, focus on your positive thoughts and actions and let these dominate your mind and your life will be better.

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