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Dr. Sharon Gertzman NA
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It has been said that happiness is not simply an emotion, but it is having something to be passionate about. When you are passionate about what you are doing, you do it better, you persist, and you love doing it. This is true with losing weight too.

Be passionate about losing weight and seeing yourself look and feel better. See yourself as what you want to be. You have been given incredible talents that sometimes you don’t realize you have. Develop a better understanding of who you are and see yourself as you really are. Develop a vision of the person you want to be and be passionate about being that person.

You can accomplish great things in your life. You have talents that will allow you to accomplish your dreams. You may have some obstacles that come in your path. But if you keep going and you keep growing, you can overcome these obstacles. You can accomplish much more than you think.

Understand Your Value

Don’t dwell on your faults or the wrong moves you make. Regardless of what happens, you can always find some good in it. Focus on the things you did right and let these build confidence within you. Be passionate about them and they will help you to become stronger.

We sometimes tend to focus on our weaknesses, faults, past mistakes, failures and rejections. These just steel our self esteem away from us. These thoughts are toxic to us. Cast them away as soon as they crawl within your mind. Only allow yourself to think of the positive and the good that you do and you will have a better sense of value about yourself.

Being Passionate Means Being Happy

Be at peace with yourself and be happy with who you are while striving to become an even better person, not only in emotional but also in physical health. Indeed, improving your health by losing weight will help you feel good about yourself.

Everybody has faults and weaknesses. Keep your flaws in perspective for you have a lot of strengths within you. Work to improve the areas that you fall short, but be happy with who you are and know that you have what it takes to accomplish your goals. You have to like yourself before you can like others and before you increase your sense of value.

You may be around someone who continually puts you down, tells you your faults and criticizes you. These criticisms are worth nothing if you know that you have done the best that you can do. Constantly remind yourself of who you are and remember your value. Don’t allow others to degrade you. Continually restore and refuel your true value to yourself and help you to fulfill your dreams. You’ll be happier with this passion you have created for yourself.

Depend On Yourself

Take charge of your life with passion. Don’t depend on others to give you happiness in your life. Maintain a belief in yourself and your talents. You deserve to have a life filled with love, joy and peace. Always get your hopes up and keep it alive in your life. It may not be easy, but you should believe that you can do it.

Some people have the wrong perception of life and don’t expect that good things will come to them. They have been beaten down and disappointed so many times in their lives that they feel like failures. They thus are afraid to get their hopes up, that if they expect high hopes and these ideals are not meet, then they will just be disappointed again. This simply perpetuates discouragement and defeat within us.

Don’t allow setbacks and discouraging situations to force you down and be discouraged. When things go bad, find out what you are doing wrong and correct them. Use setbacks in your life as learning experiences. These are just ways of doing things that you now know are incorrect and you can therefore go forward and try another method.

Be passionate about converting a wrong to a right. Only you have this power. If you believe it and you see it, if you can imagine it, you are more likely able to achieve it. You must be able to conceive great things in your heart and in your mind before you can do them. Don’t maintain a narrow focus on things you can’t do. Focus on things you can do and you will be more able to solve your problems. Your passion will help you create a good vision of your life so you can become what you believe.

Enthusiasm is Key to Being Passionate

“Enthusiasm is the propelling force necessary for climbing the ladder of success.”

Success means different things to different people. Some people think of success as becoming wealthy; others as becoming experts; others at climbing mountains; there are many interpretations. All levels of success require enthusiasm to get there. Infuse a dose of enthusiasm into your life to succeed in improving your health.

When all is said and done, you are never successful unless you have your health and you have energy. Everything in your life works better when you have a healthy energetic body. So climb the ladder of healthy success and everything else will fall into place.

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