Christine Paoletti, MD, FACOG

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Mission Statement:
Our office and staff are dedicated to the belief that no two people are alike, consequently, we make every effort to understand the needs and desires of our clients. We work to develop a customized treatment plan for each patient that we see. This is all accomplished in a private office setting with an all-inclusive, alternative and preventative approach to health

Bio of MD:
Having grown up around severe obesity in most of my family, I became painfully aware at an early age of the sadness and tragedy that follows from this chronic illness. It was terrifying watching my 400 lb grandmother and aunt try to walk down the stairs to their cars. Dieting trials and tribulations were a nightly discussion with our family, taking the place of discussing current affairs or politics. Trying to fit in with the family theme, I memorized, at the age of 9 (and still remember), most of the small withered calorie-counting book that sat in our kitchen. After leaving home at the age of 15 on a scholarship, I changed career paths several times, with engineering studies at UCI, research (for a Master's and Ph.D program) at UCLA and Berkeley, and teaching at CSUF as my earlier endeavors. A disabling accident unfortunately took me away from my research, and when I recovered, I decided to go into medicine. I became board certified Ob/Gyn in '94, having graduated from UCI medical school as class president, with top honors (the alpha omega alpha award) and later completing a residency at UCLA. Following this, I held the position of assistant faculty at both Santa Monica and UCLA while teaching residents at Santa Monica-UCLA. The decision to incorporate weight management into my practice was a natural extension of my earlier life and interests. I currently am using the HCG diet and the Pathway Fit , an analysis of your genes as they relate to weight management, to help my patients maintain their weight loss. In addition to weight loss, I am also an expert in bioidentical hormones, nutrition, and preventative medicine. I have been featured in the Wellness Hour Show twice, and I am cited in both of Susanne summers books as a recommended doctor in the Los Angeles area. I live in Los Angeles with my husband, Colin and son, Morgan.

Services and Procedures:

    HCG true diet weight loss program The Pathway Fit genetically specific program which prevents relapses in wt gain Bioidentical hormone replacement and balancing with ultrasound monitoring Gynecological services Wellness and prevention Nutritional analysis and counseling Sleep disorder management Advanced cholesterol and lipid management Adrenal and thyroid management, with ultrasound of the thyroid Management and prevention of osteoporosis Analysis of food allergies or sensitivities Analysis of digestive system problems Measuring of the carotid intimal thickness to detect early atherosclerosis Treatment of PMS, headaches, vaginal pain, fatigue, depression and ADD

Training and Education:

    1969 - 1973 University of California at Irvine 1973 – 1975 California state university of Fullerton and harbor UCLAmedical center 1976 – 1979 UC Berkeley PhD programs 1980 – 1984 UC Irvine Medical School 1984 – 1988 UCLA Ob/Gyn residency


    Fellow of the Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology


    English, Spanish, some Italian


HCG Doctor in Santa Monica, California

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