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Healthy Habits for Weight Loss

James Cook M.D.
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Practice Better Habits

Create an atmosphere of learning in your life to create healthy habits for a better life. While doing this, you will change your lifestyle to lose the extra weight and be able to keep it off.


By actively doing the True HCG Diet you are learning and incorporating into your life many of the successful lifestyle changes that achieve successful long term weight loss. Learning about portion sizes, about the number of calories in foods, about choosing healthier foods, about exercising, are all important aspects of success. The best teacher to solidify these behaviors into your mind is experience.

Learn from the mistakes of others and the knowledge acquired from others. Research has shown that there are four actions that result in losing weight and keeping it off. If we want to achieve these goals, why not do what successful people do? The True HCG Diet encourages you to learn these and make them habits.

The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people are willing to do what the unsuccessful people are not. Learn and embrace the methods of success and you too will be successful.

There is no doubt that a large percentage of dieters can’t keep weight off long term. You may have seen this same problem in your weight loss attempts, or of people you know. Indeed, many weight-loss programs are simply not good programs. Perhaps knowing what successful people do will help us to change our behavior to also be successful.

Eat Right: Track Your Foods and Progress

A big difference that separate the successful weight-loss maintainers from the unsuccessful ones is “self-monitoring behaviors”. These include the following actions:

  • Tracking calories ingested: know calories in food
  • Weighing and measuring the amount of food on one’s plate: know proper portion sizes
  • Planning meals: makes you buy the right foods
  • Measuring body weight and fat regularly: track your weight and your progress
  • Exercise regularly.

Many studies have proven these concepts, including the National Weight Control Registry (NWCR). There is no doubt that when we record what we are doing, we become accountable to ourselves that we are doing the right thing.

Unfortunately, many people tend to rationalize that they should avoid these types of self monitoring behaviors. However, if you want to be in the successful crowd, do what successful people do. These self monitoring behaviors should be considered the difference that makes the difference!

Tracking our body weight and fat weekly also helps us to be accountable. It also helps us see our success so we can celebrate better health. Use your Measurements page to track not only your weight, but also other measurements too.

Exercise Regularly: Daily If Possible

People who successfully maintain lost weight tend to stay active daily. They may exercise 30 minutes or more every day, or at least add some type of physical activity to their daily schedule. If you want to also be successful in losing weight and keeping it off, exercise daily.

Along with this successful action is to reduce your sedentary activities. Most experts agree that exercise is critical for long term maintenance of weight-loss success. Here are tips to help you increase your daily activities:

  • Make exercising a priority in your life.
  • Exercise vigorously to reach your target heart rate.
  • Exercise to increase your metabolism and burn the fat.
  • Vary your exercise routine (Cross Training).
  • Do recreational activities, sports, physical work, etc.
  • Reduce sedentary activities such as watching TV or video games
  • Record your exercise behaviors to keep track & accountable.

Add Strength Exercises

Strength building exercises, such as lifting weights, contributes to successful weight loss maintenance. Building muscle helps increase the amount of fat burning tissue in your body.

Remember that only muscle burns fat. The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn when you exercise it. The consequence is that you lose more weight and more rapidly. Thus, try to include some type of strength exercise in your daily routine.

Try to mix up your exercises too. Called Cross training, simply change and vary your routine daily. Doing so will improve the effectiveness of your exercise routine. This is as much true with strength exercises as it is with cardio exercises. Both will consume calories, burn the fat, and improve your health.

Practice Positive Attitudes and Don’t Make Excuses.

Have you ever heard yourself saying, “I don’t have time to exercise.” Unfortunately, by saying this you are simply creating a “barrier” from doing the right thing. This is a major difference between successful and non successful people. Maintaining a positive attitude toward achieving your goals is imperative.

If you do not create self-imposed barriers to your success, you are much more likely to be successful at maintaining the weight you have lost. Don’t say you have no time to exercise, or you’re too tired to exercise or it’s too hard to maintain an exercise routine. In other words, simply refuse to accept you self-imposed excuses. These rationales and excuses will not result in successful long term maintenance.

Instead, don’t allow yourself make unjustified excuses. Make losing weight a priority. Maintain a positive attitude to succeed. Make time for yourself and never give up.

Succesful Actions Make Long Term Habits

Listen very carefully to what successful weight-loss people do. Do what they do and don’t make the mistakes that don’t achieve success. The True HCG Diet not only helps you lose your extra pounds of fat rapidly, but it also encourages the successful actions that help you keep the weight off. If you make them habits, you will maintain the weight lost for the rest of your life.

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