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Carla Phipps, M.D.
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Locate a physician
The first step in doing the HCG TRUE DIET program is to locate an Associate Physician near you. Once you have had an adequate exam and evaluation, and the program is discussed thoroughly with you, you can begin your journey to losing weight in a safe manner with help from your chosen Associate Physician.
Weight Loss Physician

Initial Visit
During your initial visit at an Associate Physician’s office, an exam, blood work and possibly an EKG would be performed. Guidelines, instructions and nutritional counseling are provided for doing the HCG TRUE DIET program. You’ll receive a prescription for an HCG compounded preparation. Nutritional supplements are recommended.

Visits Every Two Weeks
You will then be seen every two weeks during the first 6 weeks of the diet program. Your health and progress will be monitored to ensure your safety and your success. Blood work and vitamin injections will be done. Counseling, support, and evaluations will be performed.

After using HCG for 40 consecutive days, you must go through a transition phase that will be explained to you. This transition phase lasts for another 6 weeks. Your final visit of the program will be at the end of that 6 weeks. At that time, you can choose to either begin the program again to lose more weight, or maintain your weight with permanent lifestyle changes which will be reviewed and discussed.

Long term permanent lifestyle counseling
After you have lost the weight, keep the weight off with the permanent lifestyle changes you have learned during the program. You don’t want to revert back to those bad habits that put the excess weight back on you. You’ve worked too hard to reduce and shed the fat that bothered you. We want you to stay motivated on your path to successful weight management for the rest of your life.

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