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HCG True Diet Secrets to Success

James Cook M.D.
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HCG True Diet Secrets to Success

Successfully losing weight is a team effort that includes participation in a proven program, such as the HCG True Diet program, medical supervision by a trained specialist, such as our Associate Physicians, and lifestyle changes that only you can do. We encourage you to take action for a healthier you; lose those excess pounds, eat healthier and exercise regularly.

There are many secrets to success that will enable you to get the abnormal weight off and to keep it off over time. Here is a list of some of these actions that you will learn to do and to incorporate into your daily life when you do the True HCG Diet. They have been proven to produce results. When done as directed, you will lose weight and will admit that you have never felt better once you embrace these habits and keep doing them for the rest of your life.


Weigh Yourself Daily
Measure/Weigh Food
Do a Food Journal
Learn Portion Sizes
Know Food Calories
Nurture Support
Exercise to Burn Fat
Be Accountable
Persistence is Key
Envision Your Goals
Positive Mindset
Make Better Choices
Maintain Motivation
Exercise for Better Health
Be Passionate to Lose
Think Thin
Practice Better Habits
Exercise to Live Long
Choose Better Health
Make It a Priority

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