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HCG True Diet Results

Angelo Baccellieri, MD
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HCG True Diet Testimonials

“I lost 20 pounds in just one month! I feel fine and have energy to do my daily activities. It’s really easy and I am not real hungry. Mentally and physically, I and my body are glad we did it.”
Cathy S.

“I was very skeptical about the diet at first. There was no way I could survive on 500 calories a day. But I did it, and am I glad I did. I lost 16 pounds during the diet and am ready to do it again after my 6 week transition period is up. I highly recommend it to anyone. It really works!”
Allen T.

“I had tried exercise and reducing my foods but I just couldn’t lose the weight. With this diet, I have gotten off that plateau and have lost 26 pounds in 40 days and am I excited!”
Mary A.

“Throughout my life, I have struggled with my weight – I weighed 256 pounds. I felt doomed to be a fat person for the rest of my life. However, with this HCG True Diet, I have already lost 35 pounds and am on my way to losing more. I like the way the program helps me be accountable. I love it! Anyone who is having problems losing weight should to it.”
Cindy D.

“Thank you so much, Dr. True, for introducing me to your HCG True Diet Program.”
Yvette I.

“I couldn’t believe it. I never thought that I would be able to survive on 500 calories a day. But I’m doing great, I feel okay, and my hunger is remarkably minimal. In fact, now that I am about 4 weeks into the program and have lost 19 pounds, I am actually having a hard time eating that much food. I will definitely do another course of this diet for it really does melt the fat.”
Deborah F.

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