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HCG True Diet FAQs

Wendell A. Goins, MD, FACS, RVT
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How Much is the HCG Diet

Locate a physician
The first step in doing the HCG TRUE DIET program is to locate an Associate Physician near you. Once you have had an adequate exam and evaluation, and the program is discussed thoroughly with you, you can begin your journey to losing weight in a safe manner with help from your chosen Associate Physician.

Who should do the HCG TRUE DIET program?
Anyone who wants to lose excess weight and improve their health are candidates to doing the The HCG DIET. It is especially helpful for those who have been trying to lose weight with exercise and dieting but are at a plateau and just can’t seem to get those extra pounds off. Changing their metabolism to burn the fat does work.

Can men and women do the program?
The program works very well in both men and women. In fact, many times men will lose more weight than women. The HCG produces the same metabolic effects to burn the extra fat in both genders. Don’t worry, men don’t develop “man boobs” or have symptoms of pregnancy from the HCG. It just works to shrink the fat and shed the weight.

Will I have any side effects from doing the program?
Eating a very low calorie diet could potentially cause some problems within your body. Therefore, a physical exam and workup is required before doing the program. While on the program, regular monitoring by a trained professional is a requirement to ensure your safety. If properly monitored, the program is very safe and very effective.

Why not just buy HCG off the web and do the program?
You can only buy HCG with a prescription from a physician. There are many websites that state they sell HCG, but this is considered illegal without a prescription because the FDA requires adequate monitoring while on the medication. Some websites sell “homeopathic” HCG, which are simply markedly diluted products with very little active HCG ingredient present. We do not recommend anyone do the HCG DIET without proper medication and proper monitoring.

How can I get started in doing the program?
The first step in doing the HCG TRUE DIET weight loss program is to find a physician near you who is trained in providing these services. These Associate physicians have been screened for their ethical standards and have achieved training to provide the needed monitoring you require. To find one near you, click on the Locate a Physician button on the menu bar above.

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