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HCG True Diet Business Opportunities

Physicians Information

Physicians: Learn how you can offer the HCG True Diet within your existing practice.

The HCGTrueDiet.com is a web based multipurpose website. It is a marketing site for the physician to attract new and current patients. It is an information site for your patients to learn about the diet and to utilize the websites’ resources, which can help them lose weight. Plus, it is an educational website to help physicians incorporate the HCG True Diet program into their practice.


The HCG True Diet is based on using the power of HCG to change your patient’s metabolism to burn the fat while on a very low calorie diet. Doing so allows them to lose weight rapidly, yet at the same time to have energy and feel fine with reduced appetite naturally. It is especially helpful for those people who have tried to lose weight by eating correctly and exercising but have reached a plateau in their weight loss goals. It helps to get them off that plateau, and it really works!

Benefits of doing the HCG TRUE DIET for you, the physician, include marketing your name on our website which can potentially provide many new patient leads for your practice who are interested in losing weight. Many just are searching for a physician in your area who offers the HCG Diet. We send you leads from these prospective patients as they come in. You will be notified of these leads via email. You get a back office to see your leads and obtain resources for your office. Plus, every patient of yours will also have the ability to register with our website to obtain the resources and guidelines that they need to the program.


The HCG Diet is hitting the United States like a huge wave and you have made the first step to traveling on this wave. The number of people considered to be overweight is growing rapidly (pardon the pun) and has reached over 65% of the US population. You can help these patients to become healthier. At the same time, more patients in your practice could provide you with a means to offer them other services that you perform. We help provide you with a means to not only help your patients, but also to supplement your income when you embrace the diet within your office.

We have a lot of resources for you and your patients on our website. Moreover, we are continually working on updating the website and adding new resources and perks every day. Here are some of the resources available for you and your patients through this website.


Benefits of being an Associate Physician of the HCG TRUE include:

  • US, State, and Local exposure/marketing as an HCG physician
  • You will be listed in the state you practice as an HCG Physician
  • You also have the option to be listed as a Featured Physician for an additional fee
  • Potential new and existing patients will find you on our easy directory
  • We give you unlimited referrals from our website to your office
  • Rotational exposure on the home page and state page for Premier Physicians

Top search engine optimization (SEO) for you as an HCG Diet physician

  • We are continually updating and being upgraded by the search engines
  • You benefit from these upgrades by advertising with us.

No referral fee access for patients

  • Potential and new patients can contact you via email through our website
  • We do not charge extra for more referrals, so you can have unlimited referrals for one base monthly fee.

We offer you a “turn key” operation to help you incorporate the HCG True diet plan within your existing practice.

  • We give you educational guides to do the program
  • We have seminars available to help teach you
  • We give you the forms you need.
  • We set up the marketing for you
  • We help you track your leads: see your success
  • We help you see your enrolled patients on the site
  • We write the support emails to your patients for you

We create a personalized websites for you where patients can feel as though they are a part of your practice yet on the internet. This includes your:

  • Mission/Vision statement
  • Bio of physician
  • Education and training
  • Services offered
  • Your Videos
  • Your patient’s Before and After photos
  • Your patients Testimonials

You get your own personal Physician Back office, which contains

  • Potential new patient leads
  • Enrolled patients in a downloadable form
  • Submit blog articles capabilities
  • You can post your prior articles so patients can see you
  • This maximizes your exposure and increases consumer trust
  • Special training videos
  • Access for you to post events for your own local seminars/workshops
  • Submit testimonials of your own patients

We provide resources for your patients, including:

  • Patient Guidelines
  • Food Guide
  • Daily Food Journal
  • Calculators
  • Explanation of the phases of the diet
  • Recipes
  • Meal plan
  • And much more

We send out regular emails to your patients in a personalized fashion

  • The patient’s name is personalized on the email
  • The Associate Physician’s name and picture is on the email
  • These are sent out as soon as automatically as soon as they enroll
  • The emails are sent out weekly for six weeks
  • These help keep you on the “Top of the mind” of your patients

We give your patients the ability to access informative videos on the HCG True Diet (in development)

  • These would be on the HCG True Diet, how to do the program and other educational information for your patients
  • These may also discuss the health benefits and anti-aging benefits of their patients doing weight loss

You get access to seminars on doing the HCG True Diet for physicians

  • Seminars will be offered regularly to teach Associate Physicians the program.
  • Check the website www.hcgtruediet.com for details, or contact us for the schedule.

We provide top quality professional support

  • We help you get your webpage up and running quickly
  • We provide solution-oriented service for you

We provide a very cost effective method for service

  • The cost of one patient referral can be less than half the price of one diet patient
  • You get a 2:1 return on your investment if you got just one new patient by offering our program
  • The reality is that one patient will get you many more patients who want to do the diet because it really works!

You get other Website Resources in the back offices including

  • Simeon’s book
  • BMI Calculator
  • Exercise Calculator
  • FAQs
  • Informative Videos
  • And much more

If you would like to join us and become an Associate Physician of the HCGTrueDiet.com, CLICK HERE

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