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HCG Diet Myths: Number 9

Enrique Jacome, M.D.
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Myth #9: The HCG Diet is just another “fad” diet that won’t work long term.

Some critics of the HCG Diet call it a “fad” diet. They contend that any quick weight loss programs don’t work in the long run. They state that people who make small changes over time are much more successful at permanently changing the way they eat. They also agree that doing small changes won’t result in you seeing major changes in your weight quickly.

Many critics of HCG Diets state that the diet is just a quick fix and does not encourage long term healthy dietary lifestyles. On the contrary, eating healthier is a paramount goal of the HCG True Diet program. You are required to eat healthy to do the program. This includes learning about portion size, about calories in foods, about exercising, and about choosing more nutritious foods than you normally would eat.

Indeed, there are some HCG Diets on the market that are simply short term. They are temporary diets that help you lose weight in the short run, but don’t emphasis long term weight reduction maintenance. The HCG True Diet differs from those other types. We believe that changes in lifestyle must be made in order to keep the weight off long term.

For a large majority of people, seeing big changes, such as quick weight loss, is highly motivational to nourish drastic lifestyle changes. If you continue to practice these lifestyle changes after you have lost the extra weight with the HCG True Diet, the hope is that these changes would become habits that you will continue to do for the rest of your life.

Myth #1: A 500 calories a day is detrimental to your health.
Myth #2: Not enough protein is ingested on a low calorie diet.
Myth #3: The HCG low calorie diet is a muscle wasting diet.
Myth #4: You don’t consume adequate energy calories for your body’s needs on the HCG Diet.
Myth #5: This diet is contrary to medical advice.
Myth #6: You don’t eat enough fiber on the diet.
Myth #7: Doing 500 calories a day for the rest of your life is impossible.
Myth #8: Not eating a good breakfast is just not healthy.
Myth #9: The HCG Diet is just another “fad” diet that won’t work long term.
Myth #10: The medical establishment is against using this diet.


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