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HCG Diet Myths: Number 5

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Myth #5: This diet is contrary to medical advice.

There are those who believe that the proper medical advice is to ingest your minimum calorie needs for proper health. These are also called your resting calorie needs, or your basal metabolic rate (BMR). However, your body does get all the calorie requirements that it needs when you do the HCG True Diet. The difference is that you use your own calories that have been pulled from your existing excess fatty deposits instead of externally putting them into your body through your mouth by eating them.

The result is that you do indeed get your needed BMR calories, yet you lose weight in the process. Many physicians feel this is actually very good medical advice and results in better health since you lose the weight. Would the critics also believe that lap band or gastric bypass surgery, which has similar calorie restrictions, is also contrary to medical advice and it would be better to be fat?

Myth #1: A 500 calories a day is detrimental to your health.
Myth #2: Not enough protein is ingested on a low calorie diet.
Myth #3: The HCG low calorie diet is a muscle wasting diet.
Myth #4: You don’t consume adequate energy calories for your body’s needs on the HCG Diet.
Myth #5: This diet is contrary to medical advice.
Myth #6: You don’t eat enough fiber on the diet.
Myth #7: Doing 500 calories a day for the rest of your life is impossible.
Myth #8: Not eating a good breakfast is just not healthy.
Myth #9: The HCG Diet is just another “fad” diet that won’t work long term.
Myth #10: The medical establishment is against using this diet.


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