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HCG Diet Myths: Number 2

Paul Monoharan, M.D. NA
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Myth #2: Not enough protein is ingested on a low calorie diet.

The body indeed has certain “needs”, including calories for energy and protein as building blocks to continually sustain life. Some people who do not know the diet well unjustly criticize it and think that the 500 calories are insufficient to provide adequate daily protein needs. However, this criticism is unjustified.

Most authorities state that the recommended amount of protein required by the human body is around 0.8 – 1 gm/kg, or around .4-.5 gm/pound. 1,2,3,4 On average, this is from 50 gm to 100 grams of protein per day. The HCG True Diet requires you to ingest around 200 gm of a protein food a day, which is an adequate amount of protein to fulfill your daily needs. Therefore, adequate protein intake is provided by this diet, and these criticisms of the diet are unfounded.

In addition, most dietary authorities recommend a diet that contains varied protein foods. The HCG True Diet program recommends that all meals should vary in the protein ingested, i.e., you should pick a different protein food and vary your protein foods per meal. Thus, the diet program fulfills another dietary recommendation. Adequate variation of the proteins ingested with the program can indeed provide the essential protein and amino acids needed for sustaining adequate health.

Myth #1: A 500 calories a day is detrimental to your health.
Myth #2: Not enough protein is ingested on a low calorie diet.
Myth #3: The HCG low calorie diet is a muscle wasting diet.
Myth #4: You don’t consume adequate energy calories for your body’s needs on the HCG Diet.
Myth #5: This diet is contrary to medical advice.
Myth #6: You don’t eat enough fiber on the diet.
Myth #7: Doing 500 calories a day for the rest of your life is impossible.
Myth #8: Not eating a good breakfast is just not healthy.
Myth #9: The HCG Diet is just another “fad” diet that won’t work long term.
Myth #10: The medical establishment is against using this diet.


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