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HCG Diet Injections: Things you should know

Gregory A. Alouf, Md, PC
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What are HCG diet injections?

Among the various weight loss diets that are in vogue, HCG weight loss diet is deserves a special place. In this diet candidates are required to adhere to a stringent calorie intake routine and they are also aided by application of inject-able HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone. The low calorie dishes , coupled with weight loss injections affects the metabolism and fat burning process sin the body of candidates and they lose excess fat in a gradual way.

There are some variants of HCG diet with injections. However, on an average, 23 HCG injections are needed for an obese adult person. A single injection contains 125 IU of HCG. When you take first two injections, you need to eat some fatty foods for energy storage. With the third HCG injection, the candidate is required to stat the 2nd phase of the diet.

The proponents of weight loss injections and HCG injections for weight loss have written books and publications that corroborate effectiveness of this hormone for weight loss.

Dr. Simeons, who is the pioneer of HCG injection diet, claimed in his book that the 500 calorie a day diet would be adequate for weight loss candidates and they will not feel hungry.

Dr. Simeons also said that HCG diet with injections will help in mobilization of stored fat in human body and its redistribution in body parts. As per Travis Saunders, a qualified obesity researcher who followed the invention of Dr. Simeons, HCG injections can also offer other health benefits than weight loss.

Between 1950s and late 1970s, before the these injections became very popular among obese population. However the FDA crackdown dented its popularity to an extent in 1976. Because of the actions taken by Federal government and lack of solid results, HCG injections diet lost its popularity somewhat.

However, it was in 2007 that public interest in HCG injections was revived owing to Kevin Trudeau’s book. He claimed HCG injections were the ultimate therapy for obesity. The book portrayed medical entities like American Medical Association in dark shades.

What are the dangers/risks?

Like everything associated with weight loss treatments and diets, HCG diet injections met with criticism and brickbats. In fact, medical experts think, every obese adult person should weigh the pros and cons of HCG injections diet before starting it.

The FDA has not given its nod for HCG injections for weight loss treatments. It also requires HCG injection manufacturers to publish a warning on injection labels. Since a major part of the diet requires candidates to adhere to low calorie diet it can lead to nutritional deficits.

Besides, HCG diet injections can also lead to a number of side effects. The commonplace side effects of HCG include stomach pain, Pelvic pain, headaches, breathing difficulties etc. Some candidates may also undergo depression and react irritably, an after effect of taking HCG injections.

Apart from general obese users, women who are pregnant should be very cautious about using HCG injections for weight loss. Since HCG is a pregnancy hormone, its application may result in development of unwanted pregnancy complications in some women.

It can result in multiple pregnancies.  The consequences can include low birth weight and premature delivery. Health experts feel that women, who resort to injections for weight loss, should stop it after conceiving.

Rare HCG related health complications include ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, known as a life threatening disorder and blood clotting. People suffering from breast or prostrate cancers can undergo a worsening of their conditions after application.

Difference between drops and injections

Before you decide to purchase HCG injections it is important that you know the available options. A lot of obese people are often unsure about whether they should choose the injection or oral drop form. Hence, it is important you know facts about HCG diet drops vs injections before you buy.

The basic HCG plan invented by Dr. Simeons way back in 1950s prescribe application of HCG injections. However, nowadays you can also opt for HCG drops that are meant for oral usage. Those obese men and women who are not comfortable with injectable HCG diet opt for the HCG drops.

The proponents suggest HCG drops are equally effective as far as weight loss is concerned. One big difference between HCG diet drops vs injections is that the drops are easier on wallet. You can buy HCG drops online at cheaper cost than the injections.

Where to buy injections

Since HCG is still not FDA approved for sale as a weight loss product, many people prefer to buy HCG injections online. However, you should remember that buying diet injections minus a prescription is not deemed as a legal act! There are a lot of websites that sell HCG injections online.

Before you purchase their products, spend some time to verify how genuine the company is. If necessary, go through the feedback of its existing customers online. It is also important to check whether it offers any replacement and compensation for products.

HCG Injections  for weight loss are used by a lot of weight loss aspirants. However, since the FDA does not prescribe its sale as a certified weight loss product, users need to be cautious. Usage of HCG diet injections without a prescription can also lead you in troubles at times.

Injection costs

Injectable HCG is sold under several brands online nowadays. Costs can vary on the manufacturer and based on your region, shipment charges may be required in some cases.

However, on an average, one month supply can cost you $20. Some injections are covered by a handful of health insurance service providers. If you buy HCG injections online the average cost per injection will be a little more than $2. However, you will also have to count injection supplies and sterilized water.


This article is for information only. We neither approve nor endorse HCG injections. Take advice from a licensed physician before you embark on your HCG Diet Journey!

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