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HCG Maintenance Phase recipes that will not do you harm at all

When you enter the maintenance phase in HCG weight loss diet, it can give you a mixed feeling. On one hand, you feel good that the food restrictions are somewhat lifted. On the other hand, you feel worried about the prospect of gaining back the excess weight you have shed. However, there are some maintenance […]

HCG Egg recipes that will leave you satisfied

When you adhere to a weight loss diet, there are lots of yummy foods that you are asked to stay away from. The situation can be harder for those who try HCG weight loss diet. In the diet, you cannot take over 500 calories per day till a time. Later, you are allowed to return […]

Things to be aware of if you want to eat out while on HCG diet

You cannot help but become careful about the type of food you eat when you are on a diet. This is even more applicable if you are on HCG weight loss regime. In this weight loss diet, you have to adhere to very low calorie diet every day. Discarding sugar and fatty condiments is a […]

HCG diet snacks that you can eat without worry

Losing weight can be quite an ordeal for a majority of obese population. When you want to adhere to a diet, discarding foods you like can be quite tough. Things are even tougher for followers of HCG weight loss diet. In HCG weight loss diet, you have to keep close watch on daily calorie consumption. […]

How HCG Diet followers can combat Hunger Cravings

Excess body weight has become an overwhelming health hazard for a majority of global population nowadays. That explains why weight loss diets have become so popular in recent times. However, some of the weight loss diets can also trigger adverse effects and obese persons avoid them. However, of late hormone based weight loss diets have […]

HCG recipes that can be delicious and different

When you aim to lose weight, it may be necessary to discard some favorite foods off the platter. The same thing can happen for followers of HCG weight loss diet. They have to abide by a stringent calorie intake schedule while they are on the diet. However, you need not bid adieu to very food […]

Top 20 Best Selling HCG Diet Books

The popularity of HCG diet among obese lot does not need much introduction nowadays. In last few years, this hormone based weight loss diet has gained a lot of popularity and number of followers is only going up with time. Food plays a very important part in this weight loss plan. If you adhere to […]

“HCG Ultra Drops”: Everything you need to know

Amidst the popular hormone driven weight loss methods, HCG based weight loss plans deserve a mention. While the usage of HCG dates back to 1950s, its new variant named HCG Ultra drops has been hogging limelight for quite some time. Before trying this hormone based weight loss product, you should know the facts about it. […]

Why you need to be careful while adhering to HCG Ultra drops

Nowadays, you can find almost every fat individual in your locality trying some diet and weight loss plan, when they do not have time to hit gyms! There is no shortage of such weight loss plans. However, the sad thing is that a lot of people do not bother to check credentials of such weight […]

HCG Ultra drop facts that you should know

If you are overweight and this is leading to physical problems along with mental complex, you can try several weight loss methods. You can resort to many budget friendly to costly weight loss plans. However, all these diets and weight loss plan may not be equally helpful. Besides, some of them may trigger side effects […]

Know what adverse effects HCG drops can have on your health

There is no dearth of weight loss therapies around and the abundance can often be a problem for weight loss spirants. You may feel baffled by the available options and selecting the right method can be tough. Relying only on specific diets may not help you much. Doctors advise combining proper food with active lifestyle […]

HCG diet and drop facts you should know

There are numerous ways available for losing excess body weight. However, of late hormone based weight loss therapies have caught fancy of obese lot in a big way. HCG based weight loss plans are quite popular and plenty of obese men and women are opting for them. Before you choose such a weight loss plan, […]

Top Indian herb and spices that can help you becoming slimmer

There are plenty of diets and foods you can try for shedding excess fat from your body. However, the plethora of options can often leave users perplexed. There are so many foods that you can eat but how do you know what will be suitable for your weight loss regime. It is good if you […]

Healthy noodles recipes for followers of HCG diet

Losing weight can be quite tough for some obese individual. They often find it really tough to select right kind of foods. They have to be careful about calorie value of every food they eat. In case you are on HCG diet, it can be tougher for you. When you are on this diet, keeping […]

HCG diet friendly appetizers you can enjoy

When you want to lose weight and put yourself on a diet, finding the right kind of food can prove to be quite a task. A lot of obese women and men who follow HCG weight loss diet face this dilemma as well. They need to eat carefully so that daily calorie consumption never exceeds […]

New Study indicates low carb diet can be effective to fight obesity

There is no end of weight loss measures if you look around the market. Despite the fact that no single weight loss therapy can be treated as a miracle cure for shedding excess flab, obese lot leave no stone unturned to get slimmer. That explains why obesity drug makers and proponents of diets rake in […]

Yummy HCG recipes made with orange

When you put yourself on a weight loss diet, picking the right food can prove to be an ordeal. Especially, followers of HCG diet find it difficult to pick foods for meals. They have to ensure that during the regime, the daily calorie intake stays within a limit of 500. However, with a little care […]

HCG friendly salmon recipes you can try

Just because you are on a diet, there is no necessity to discard every food you like. Yet, diet followers find it a daunting task to get right kind of foods. This is quite evident for followers of HCG diets. They always feel worried about selecting right kind of foods because they are not allowed […]

HCG desserts and low fat sweet dishes

People who want to lose excess flab often find it hard to pick right kind of foods. Some of them discard nearly everything they love to eat for fear of putting on excess weight. Particularly, those who are adhering to HCG weight loss programs, find food selection rather cumbersome. However, the reality is that you […]

Unusual yet great tasting salads for HCG diet followers

When you try to lose weight, keeping tab on foods you eat becomes very important. Followers of HCG weight loss plans are often confused about what kind of food they should eat. This weight loss plan requires you to limit daily calorie consumption within threshold of 500 which can be tough to maintain. However, apart […]

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