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HCG dishes with a touch of Thai Cuisine

There is a prevalent misconception among obese lot that diet foods tend to be bland and tiring for the taste buds. When you try to follow a low calorie diet like the HCG weight loss diet, this can become a problem, according to them. However, you may be amazed to know that you can actually […]

How to succeed in HCG diet when you are a vegetarian

There are plenty of options available for people who want to shed excess body weight. While a number of weight loss diets exist in market, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, the noted British Endocrinologist made sensation in the industry by introducing weight loss plan that combines low calorie diet with application of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone. Despite […]

HCG diet precautions that can bring desired results to followers

Many obese persons try to get rid of excess flab but not all of them succeed in their mission. This is owing to the fact they often forget or fail to abide by precautions for success in weight loss plans. When you are on a weight loss plan, adhering to the foods is not enough. […]

Vegetables that can be taken by HCG diet followers for refreshing taste buds

When losing weight is a priority for you, choosing foods and beverages carefully becomes a prerequisite. If you are trying to adhere to HCG diet in particular, this is even more crucial. In HCG diet, maintaining calorie count is of utmost significance. When you adhere to this diet, you are forbidden from eating many favorite […]

Delectable Smoothie recipes for HCG diet candidates

When you adhere to a diet, selection of foods and drinks is very important. Many weight loss candidates feel confused and unsure about any foods they should take or avoid. This becomes even more evident when you adhere to HCG weight loss diet. In this diet, control of daily calorie intake is of utmost importance […]

Lip Smacking Salad Dishes for HCG diet followers

People usually do not pay much attention to salads unless they are on weight loss regime. When you are on HCG weight loss diet, salads form a part of your meals throughout the day. However, you still need to be careful about using condiments and spices in salads when you are on this diet. Refrain […]

HCG diet herb recipes for you

When you want to get into a slimmer shape, diet seems the best option. However, many obese persons find selecting the apt food a challenge. For persons who are adhering to HCG weight loss diet this can be even more difficult. However, just because you are adhering to a low calorie diet it does not […]

Tasty Puddings for HCG diet followers

It is not possible for HCG diet candidate to use sugar in many of the foods they eat during the regime. This makes many of them morose particularly the sweet lovers. However, you can use stevia and it is possible to prepare some desserts and sweet dishes using this natural zero calorie sweetener. There are […]

Lemon based yummy dishes for HCG diet candidates

When adhering to a diet, picking the suitable foods can prove to be nothing less than an ordeal for lots of individuals. Onset people find selecting right food while dieting kind of dilemma. As it is they have to discard plenty of favorite dishes. Besides, the dilemma in picking other foods can disrupt their eating […]

HCG and water intake: Know the basics

For kicking excess weight from your body, you need to be careful about various aspects. A lot of people think restricting food options and discarding fat is the main objective of a weight loss diet. However, there are other lesser known but important things that you should be aware of if weight loss is on […]

How to ensure you do not go off track in HCG diet’s third phase

In any diet, adhering to basics in terms of foods is very important. Yet this is where a lot of weight loss aspirants fail and they wonder why their efforts are not yielding much result. Some of them expect results too early while some others tend to give up the healthy habit towards end of […]

HCG friendly fruit salads for last phase of the diet

If you feel tired of adhering to rather bland tasting foods on diet regime, there is no need to give up hope yet. This can happen to lots of dieters, particularly those who try low calorie diets like HCG weight loss diet. However, one good thing about this hormone based diet is that, candidates are […]

HCG Zucchini recipes you will relish

For weight loss aspirants who are on HCG diet, selecting right foods can be quite difficult. They need to adhere to a strict calorie intake limit at all times. Therefore, they have to discard a lot of foods they love and feel skeptical about eating other foods. However, the good thing is that you can […]

HCG chilly based recipes for different phases

When you try a weight loss diet, selecting suitable foods can turn out to be a hassle for you. You have a hard time refraining from several foods you love. At the same time, you feel skeptical about eating some foods because you are unsure whether they are suited for your diet or not. However, […]

Facts about Stevia usage that can aid HCG diet candidates

For weight loss aspirants who try HCG diet, using sugar is totally restricted. If you try this weight loss plan you cannot use sugar for making any food, whether it is juice or soup. The recommended product for adding sweet taste to foods for HCG candidates is stevia. This is derived from a plant that […]

Ensure you avoid pitfalls while following HCG diet and take steps to augment it

Losing excess weight may be a priority for obese men and women but not all of them achieve equal results from weight loss measures. Trying exercise remains out of bounds for many of them. For busy schedule and health factors many obese persons cannot hit the gyms either. The popular weight loss diets often come […]

Yummy HCG Diet Turkey Recipes for phase 3

Eating with caution is a prerequisite for almost any weight loss diet. Without cutting down on food type and amounts you cannot expect to lose excess weight easily. This holds true for fat women and men who are adhering to HCG weight loss diet as well. In this weight loss diet driven by hormone, keeping […]

HCG friendly Broccoli recipes you may try

Choosing the right sort of foods when you are on a weight loss diet can be tougher than what you think. Weight loss aspirants often face this dilemma, irrespective of age and gender. You may have to stay away from lots of foods for affecting the effectiveness of weight loss regime. However, refraining from many […]

HCG ginger recipes that you can savor

For obese people, choosing suitable foods can turn out to be an ordeal and it is more so when they try to adhere to a weight loss diet. They cannot decide what kind of foods would be good n them. If you are on a diet, it is likely that you have faced this dilemma […]

HCG and hair loss: know the facts

While losing excess weight is something obese men or women try to achieve, few of them succeed in getting realistic results. For various health and lifestyle related reasons many of them cannot hit gyms or adhere to specific weight loss plans. Even when they adhere to a diet, the side effects and reactions deter a […]

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