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Celebrities That Have Done the HCG Diet.

HCG diet seems to be the latest buzzword in Hollywood as an increasing number of celebrities are turning to this weight loss program to lose both pounds and inches. One of the major reasons behind the growing popularity of HCG diet among silver screen hunks and divas is the quick results that it offers while […]

HCG pork recipes that you can enjoy

In HCG diet, the restriction on food types proves to be a hassle for many candidates. There are many instances of obese men and women leaving the diet midway because they cannot cope up with dietary limitations imposed. However, with a little effort you can find some dishes that can be enjoyed during the diet. […]

HCG ready recipes for Christmas and festive days

Losing weight can be very tough for some obese individuals. While exercise helps in fat shedding, many of them cannot run or hit gyms regularly for a number of reasons. Hence, a lot of them opt for diets that are less difficult than exercise. However, there are many factors that may pose roadblocks in their […]

What do you do to retain weight loss benefits of HCG diet after the regime is over?

Losing weight can prove to be a much tedious task than what you normally think. A lot of weight loss aspirants drop out of program midway because they have unrealistic ideas about weight loss or want fats results. However, even those who complete the diet regime successfully often fail to retain the weight loss results […]

New studies on obesity focus on importance of healthy diet, yet again

There is no shortage of options to lose excess weight. As a significant part of global human population grapples with obesity, medical community is busy trying to find out a solution for this well known health hazard. Obese men and women opt for different methods to lose weight. Workout and hitting the gym is recommended […]

Know what types of tea you can take in HCG diet

When you adhere to any diet for weight loss, it is advisable that you stick to the recommended foods and beverages. However, this may be easier said than done for a majority of candidates. Those obese men and women who try HCG weight loss diet find this very hard. In this diet where a special […]

Seasonings and Condiments that you can use in HCG diet

When you want to attain slimmer figure and kick those ugly layers of fat good bye, there are several options available. However, if you do not have enough time to hit gym or run a mile everyday, it would be easier to try weight loss diets. However, to get desired result from a diet regime, […]

A HCG diet guidebook written by a skeptic turned believer

There are plenty of obese individuals who resort to weight loss diets with much enthusiasm and positive attitude but with time, their interest in the regime reduces and any of them give up midway. This can happen owing to a number of reasons. Some obese people quit the diet because they do not have realistic […]

What you need to know about HCG 800 Calorie Program

While there are numerous ways to lose excess body weight, diets seem to be most popular with the overweight and obese lot. This is not without reasons, though. A majority of obese women and men cannot work out on regular basis for health or lifestyle related issues. They seek the quick solution in weight loss […]

Top 6 Yoga Postures to Keep Yourself Fit

Fitness is the key to happy and healthy living though there are millions of adults who fall short in that aspect. This is owing to rising stress in domestic and professional life, health complications and personal problems. While a lot of health experts suggest workout to keep your body in shape and attain attractive figure, […]

Top 6 Books on HCG Diet Program

To shed excess weight successfully, you can resort to many popular weight loss methods. Exercise along with a suitable diet plan remains the best choice. However, many obese individuals cannot follow that owing to lifestyle and many other limitations. Nowadays, hormone based weight loss measures have gained prominence among obese population and HCG weight loss […]

6 Emotional Eating Triggers you need to Aware of

While there are several factors that can contribute to excess weight gin including gene and lifestyle, emotional eating is often blamed as a major factor. The irony is that many people do not even understand how they put on weight without knowing the reason. At times, you may feel emotionally driven to gorge on foods […]

5 Breakfast Foods you need to keep fit and slim

Without proper breakfast, no one can feel energetic and skipping breakfast is not recommended for various health reasons. However, you need to ensure that the breakfast comprises of foods that do not contribute to your waistline. It would be a good idea to make nutrient rich and low calorie foods for breakfast at home rather […]

HCG Drops- is Quick Weight Loss worth the Risk

While there are several diets to lose excess body weight, it is hard to recommend any one as the ultimate cure for obesity. HCG based weight loss plans are quite popular with obese lot and the proponents are quite buoyant about its benefits. However, since its inception in the 1950s, this weight loss diet has […]

5 Morning Exercises to Keep you Slim and Fit

While there are plenty of diets obese individuals try to get slimmer, health exerts always recommend workouts. Even the most effective diet regime works better when you couple it with a daily workout regime. However, it would be wrong to think that you will have to hit gym or invest in lots of expensive equipments […]

8 Delicious Foods for Fast Weight Loss

To lose excess weight from body, there are numerous methods you can try. However, health experts recommend eating carefully and working out on regular basis for long term weight loss benefits. A lot of people have a misconception that for losing excess weight, it is mandatory to survive on boiled, stewed and bland tasting dishes. […]

FDA Crackdown on HCG Drops – Does it mean the end of HCG Diet?

The HCG weight loss diet, invented by Dr Simeons became extremely popular with weight loss aspirants after the 1970s. However, after the FDA crack down on HCG liquid diet last year, the public perception about the hormone controlled weight loss plan has suffered a setback. The medical community itself is divided on the effectiveness of […]

HCG white fish and shrimp recipes that you can relish

For the obese men and women who aspire to lose weight it is very important to maintain the amount of protein in their diet. Without adequate protein intake, the metabolism process gets hampered. This is also true for the HCG diet followers. This weight loss diet requires you to comply with strict nutrient based and […]

Relation between HCG and Human Mind

There are plenty of available weight loss methods and specific diets are preferred by a section of obese population worldwide. HCG weight loss diet, which involves application of human chorionic gonadotropin hormone and a low-calorie, zero sugar diet plan, is quite popular. Despite the disapproval by FDA and skepticism from a section of medical community, […]

What to do after you complete HCG diet regime successfully

Adhering to any diet is not easy for obese individuals and many of them fail to adhere to the required food and lifestyle restrictions. For those who follow HCG diet, this can prove to be tougher. If you manage to complete the home based weight loss diet successfully and attain slimmer physique eventually that is […]

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