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Exercise to Burn the Fat

Manuel Sanchez, M.D.
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To lose weight, we must burn, or consume the fat in our fat cells. This “melts” the fat. Our bodies are basically composed of two types of tissues: those that burn fat and those that don’t. The types of tissues that don’t burn fat are our bones, skin, hair, fingernails and other soft tissues. Those that burn fat are our muscles.

Muscle Burns Fat

If we have more muscle, we can burn fat easier than if we don’t. So, one of the keys to weight-loss is to build more muscle, and then to exercise the muscle to burn the fat. Think of your muscle like the engine in your car. They are your fat burning machines. Exercising your muscles uses up fuel, or calories, similar to the engine in your car uses fuel. Once the easily accessible fuel from glucose in our blood is used up, our body’s engines look for other places for fuel. They find it stored in our fat cells, and they then burn this fuel too. As long as we keep exercising and moving our muscles, they will keep burning the fat fuel.

Thus, to burn fat more rapidly, we need to build our muscle mass and to exercise those muscles. In any weight-loss program, it is therefore very important to do both muscle building exercises and aerobic cardio exercises. Some people have even gone so far to saying that the problem with being overweight is not excess fat; fat is only the outer symptom. The real problem is the lack of fat-burning muscle underneath the fat. The less muscle we have under the fat, the less calorie-burning tissue we have.

HCG Diet and Exercise

While you are on the HCG True Diet, we recommend that you do exercise. In fact, many people exercise vigorously during the program. Most people start exercising around their second week of the program and increase these activities. During this time, they usually are feeling fine, have energy, and are excited about exercising to boost their metabolism to an even higher level.

Incorporating exercise into your life is a vital aspect of any successful weight loss program. It can take you off a plateau in the middle of the program, make you burn fat more rapidly so you see the weight loss quicker, and it can help you feel better and energetic. The latter is somewhat paradoxical but it works. Try it and see.

Dieting alone can decrease the fat, but it cannot increase the muscle mass. In addition, in order to adequately change our shape into a better physique, we must increase the muscle mass underneath the fat. Eating protein helps to maintain and build muscle mass. The HCG Diet makes sure you eat an adequate amount of protein every day. It can thus preserve your muscle mass while you’re dieting instead of muscle wasting like some diets do. Moreover, the protein combined with the exercise can build your muscle mass so you look better, lose weight, and feel better at the same time.

Combine Aerobic and Strength Exercises

The most efficient exercise to melt the fat cells is the type that increases your metabolism, or the way your body burns fat. A reasonable goal is to reset your fat burning abilities to a higher level, and there is only one good way to do this: exercise adequately. You can do this by exercising aerobically and by exercising to increase your muscle mass.

Aerobic exercise essentially increases your heart rate so you burn fat. The best muscles to do this are the big muscles of your legs, so walking, running, jumping, jogging, etc. are good examples. One good goal you should consider is to reset your fat burning to a higher level. To do this, you should exercise vigorously to reach your target heart rate and sustain this level for 20 to 30 minutes. We have a calculator in our back office to do this, available when you sign on as a member.

The types of exercises that are considered “aerobic” are those that make you breath deeply and more rapidly, but not so much that you are out of breath. They are called aerobic exercises because they use the oxygen we breathe to burn the calories, i.e. the ones that come from the fat to help us lose weight.

Aerobic exercises are also called cardio exercises because they exercise the heart muscle too. They speed up the pumping of your heart and tone the heart while helping you lose the weight. Thus they improve your heart health too.

Strength exercises are those that build up your muscles. When done adequately, these also can burn up the excess fat and help you lose weight. At the same time, the increase mass of muscle you create also helps you to look better, since a beautiful physique is seen when the muscles are toned and beautiful. These should be a part of your exercise program that you can do for life.

Both Exercises Burn the Fat

There is obviously crossover in these two types of exercises, aerobic and strength. You lose fat with both. Just remember that in order to metabolize the fat, to help reduce your weight, you should incorporate exercise into your lifestyle and make it a habit. Our muscles burn calories when we exercise them. The more we exercise them, the more fat calories we burn up.

The True HCG Diet weight-loss program incorporates many of the proven actions of successful weight-loss programs into one system to help you achieve weight-loss success. Exercising adequately is one of these secrets to success.

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