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Robert L True MD, FACOG, FAACS
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Memorize Calories In Foods

It is sometimes very surprising how many calories some foods contain. Knowing the calorie content of foods can help you not only to lose weight, but also to keep the weight off. One of the lifelong lessons you learn when doing the True HCG Diet is to learn about these calorie amounts. Moreover, you will learn that you can actually eat a lot of food while ingesting very few calories.

The 500 Calories a Days Scare

When some people realize that they will eat only 500 calories a day on the HCG Diet, they run away from the diet like it would be impossible for them to do. They seem to be so afraid of such a low calorie diet that they are scared away. The reality is that almost all these people actually could do the program because of the power HCG has to change one’s metabolism. If you are one of these doubters, you should learn more about the program before you run away.

HCG changes your metabolism to force your body to pull calories from your abnormal fat stores and put these into your blood stream so you can utilize them. You end up feeling fine, have energy, and your appetite decreases too. These amazing paradoxical changes have to do with not only the power of HCG, but also the diet program that you must do in conjunction with using HCG every day.

The 500 Calories Per Day

On the True HCG Diet, you eat only 500 calories per day, divided into two meals of 250 calories each. Each meal consists of 100 gm (3.5 oz) of a protein food and the rest in particular vegetables and fruits as outlined in the diet program. That is it! No more, no less. Over time you will learn the number of calories in the portions of foods you eat. Memorizing these calorie values will help you eat correctly over time.

The rationale to eating these foods pertains to the mechanism of burning the calories in your fat. HCG “tricks” you body into thinking that it’s pregnant. Combined with an extreme reduction of calorie intake, your body will search for energy providing calories needed to “feed the baby” it thinks is inside of you. It will therefore find these in your abnormal fat and bring them into your blood stream. You burn these calories and end up losing weight quite rapidly in a very effective manner.

In order for the process to work, you cannot eat any sugars, any fats, nor any starches. Thus, the foods you are allowed to eat do not contain these nutrients. You must weigh and measure the foods you eat and you must know how many calories are in the foods you eat because the total, at the end of the day, must not total more than 500 calories per day.

Counting Calories Gives You The Power

Over the course of the True HCG Diet, you learn to count the calories in all your foods. We have resources on our site to help you to determine these calories and portion sizes. These are available to you when you become a member of the HCGTrueDiet.com website. Knowing the calories in foods gives you the power to change your metabolism with HCG.

First you determine the number of calories in the protein foods you are allowed to eat. These will be around 100 calories. Next you calculate the number of calories in the fruit you will eat, and then eat enough vegetables to total the 250 calories per meal.

Amazingly, over the 40 days while on the diet, most people say that these 500 calories are more than enough. They soon learn that they can eat a lot of vegetables yet ingest very few calories. They are thus creating healthy eating habits to not only help them lose the weight, but eating lots of vegetables can improve their heart health too.

Counting Calories Becomes a Habit

During the entire time you do the 500 calories a day, you must count your calories from the few foods that you eat and record these. It is easy to do this since there are only essentially three foods to measure and to count. Recording these is easy too for the same reason. After you have done these actions consistently for 40 days, they may become habits that you can continue to do for the rest of your life to keep the weight off.

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