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Celebrities That Have Done the HCG Diet.

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Celebrities favoring HCG diet

HCG diet seems to be the latest buzzword in Hollywood as an increasing number of celebrities are turning to this weight loss program to lose both pounds and inches. One of the major reasons behind the growing popularity of HCG diet among silver screen hunks and divas is the quick results that it offers while being completely safe as well..

Britney Spears swears by the benefits of HCG Diet

Among the most popular pop icons who have flaunted their lean and fit body after going on HCG Diet is Britney Spears who went on this weight loss program to get back into shape within a few weeks of delivering her twins.

Jenni Farley drops dress sizes after following HCG Diet

Another starlet who has attributed her svelte shape to HCG diet is TV star JWoww Farley who became a household name due to the hit MTV show – Jersey Shore. She has already posted the details of her diet program on her website. According to it, she eats no more than 500 calories a day and takes daily shots of HCG hormone to lose weight.

Even though it may seem extreme to some people to survive on a daily intake of only 500 calories, the additional energy needs of the person are met by burning the adipose fat tissue stores in the body. By following the HCG diet both Britney Spears and Jenni Farley claim to have lost 1 to 2 pounds per day throughout the duration of this weight loss program.

Since the weight loss occurs due to burning of excess fat in the body and not the lean muscle tissues, both Spears and Farley claim to have rarely felt tired or fatigued during the course of the diet. Though it is quite common for dieters to feel a little hungry in the first few days of the diet, the hunger pangs reduce substantially by the second week.

Final verdict

The best part about this HCG Diet Reviews is that by the end of it the dieters develop a penchant for nutritious food and keep eating healthy even after they are no longer on HCG prescription.

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