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What you need to know about HCG 800 Calorie Program

While there are numerous ways to lose excess body weight, diets seem to be most popular with the overweight and obese lot. This is not without reasons, though. A majority of obese women and men cannot work out on regular basis for health or lifestyle related issues. They seek the quick solution in weight loss diets. However, there are so many diets that can leave a weight loss aspirant confused. In recent times the demand for HCG diet has gone up. The toughest part about the diet is its 2nd phase, where you need to stick to a 500 calorie a day regime lag with hormone intake in forms of injections or drops.

A lot of HCG diet candidates fail to complete this phase as it is a very low calorie regime. They complain of felling hungry, tired and uneasy while following this part of the diet. To cope with this issue, a new variant of the diet with 800 calorie per day limit has been introduced by the proponents. The proponents of the 800 calorie per day version of HCG diet say that it is easier to follow. This also enhances the variety of foods one can take. A lot of HCG diet followers end up discarding the diet because they get bored due to limited choice of foods.

In the traditional 500 calorie a day version of the HCG diet, an individual can take green tea for breakfast, 100 grams of lean meat with vegetables at dinner or lunch along with one breadstick and some fruits. However, when you are on the relaxed version of HCG diet, you can easily add more vegetables and meat to lunch and dinner. You can also have a few snacks in between large meals without any problem. This helps you to feel fuller for longer and eliminates the urges to indulge in forbidden dishes and foods.

The 800 calorie version of HCG diet also allows vegetarians to get more protein sources. It also reduces chances of nutritional deficits which can be the case with traditional version of the diet. People who spend more time in activities may feel too worn out if they stick to the 500 calorie variant of HCG diet. To make them feel motivated, some additional calorie intake is required.

If you decide to try the 800 calorie version of HCG weight loss diet, it is important that you eat foods and beverages that are allowed. There are a number of ways to add additional 300 calories to your dishes in a day when you are in phase 2 of this diet. You can opt for one additional meal in a time of the day, between two big meals. There are plenty of HCG diet dishes that you can pick from. Resort to the popular HCG cookbooks if you need and there are plenty of free recipes online as well. You can opt for protein rich recipes as this will keep you energetic. You can also talk with HCG diet veterans for more ideas on adding more calories to your daily dishes.

However, it would also be a good idea to use some more fruits and vegetables as side dishes to augment the additional calories. You can also have some low fat snack bars if eating extra dishes is not what you like. You may also take protein shakes to add the extra calories. However, you will have to resist the temptation to add sugar or any fatty condiment while you make a dish or eat anything for the 300 additional calories. Otherwise, the benefits of the diet will remain unreachable to you.

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