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What do you do to retain weight loss benefits of HCG diet after the regime is over?

Losing weight can prove to be a much tedious task than what you normally think. A lot of weight loss aspirants drop out of program midway because they have unrealistic ideas about weight loss or want fats results. However, even those who complete the diet regime successfully often fail to retain the weight loss results for long. This is what many HCG diet candidates experience. This hormone driven low calorie diet make you lose weight fast but if you are unaware of suitable ways to maintain eating habits after completion of the regime, the lost kilos may soon make a re entry!

To evade regaining the lost kilos after completion of HCG diet, you need to remember a few things well. First of all, in HCG diet, you may end up losing muscle mass than actual fat from your body. Besides, when you resort to this low calorie diet, your body attempts to store almost everything you intake as fat. American Society of Bariatric Physicians says that HCG does not induce actual weight loss in adults.

However, if you opt for HCG and successfully complete the weight loss diet regime, ensure some basics are followed so that you can keep the lost fat at bay. You have to understand that people gain excess weight not for eating a lot or not hitting gyms. It is often due to poor choice of foods and factors like hormonal imbalance and sedentary lifestyle.

After you complete HCG diet regime, ensure you pick your foods with care. It is natural that your body will crave for foods it was deprived for the diet. However, you need to balance the amount of nutrients in your meals with care. If you are a vegetarian it would be a good idea to take nutritional supplements after a discussion with dieticians. To ensure you get recommended dosage of vitamins and minerals from foods you eat, buy organic variants instead of cheaper processed varieties.

You need to be careful about calorie intake after completing HCG diet. Do not go on an eating overdrive. You need to increase your calorie intake slowly. While avoiding fat laden foods is good for anyone, you do need healthy fats. So, include a good amount of foods with omega 3 fatty acids as they supply your body with healthy fats and enhance metabolism. Adequate protein intake is also important in this context. It is better if you can avoid refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup and high fat dairy products.

When you do HCG diet, you are put on a very low calorie bad diet. Hence, HCG candidates are not encouraged to hit gyms daily or run on treadmills. However, when you complete the diet and return to regular eating, your body will benefit from some exercise. You can choose to run or swim based on your convenience. However, doing moderate exercise at home will also be good. Part from all these, you need to de-stress your mind as it is also bad for health and fitness.

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