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Top 6 Yoga Postures to Keep Yourself Fit

Fitness is the key to happy and healthy living though there are millions of adults who fall short in that aspect. This is owing to rising stress in domestic and professional life, health complications and personal problems. While a lot of health experts suggest workout to keep your body in shape and attain attractive figure, it does not necessarily mean hitting the gym is the only answer. You can resort to yoga to tine your body and have greater control over your mind. There are a handful of yoga postures that can offer you multiple health benefits including relaxed and toned muscles. If you practice these postures regularly, you will feel gradual improvement in physique and health. The nice thing is that you can aster these yoga postures at home with a guide.

Wheel position – This is one yoga posture that you may feel difficulty in mastering. In fact, some candidates take months to get it done perfectly. However, let not the hardship of this pose deter you from trying. This posture helps in loosening stiffened shoulder muscles and the spine. You need to lie down on yoga mat or floor at first. Then you should try to lift the body up from stomach and chest. Try this slowly and make sure the breathing is not hampered. If necessary, see yoga videos to perfect the pose.

Handstand – This is one yoga posture that aids in strengthening back and enhance concentration. To prevent the possibility of falling down, it can be tried against the wall in the beginning. You need to put stress on both your palms so that you can lift up the legs. The weight of entire body will be on the palms. So, you should try the posture with care and it will not be prudent to hurry up. Try to get the legs in L position and then gradually try to straighten them upwards.

Seated Forward Bend – Try this yoga pose when you get introduced to yoga postures. It is aimed at the hamstrings and helps in stretching the muscles. This can be a little difficult for people who are obese. At the beginning, sit with your back totally straight. If you have a heavy body, try to reach for knees first and then aim for toes.

Downward Facing Dog Pose -This popular yoga posture is useful for coping with pain in upper back of the body as well as neck. At the beginning, you can try this posture against a wall. When you grow comfortable with the posture, you can try this on floor but use yoga mat. Try to stay in the posture for several seconds before changing.

Bridge Pose – This posture is ideal for those candidates who spend a lot of time sitting at desk or at cubicles in front of computers. To deal with back pain related problems the bridge pose can prove to be bliss. To get into the posture, lay down flat on floor. Keep the feet on ground and legs folded. Place your hands on each side. Then put some pressure on feet lift the lower back from floor. Then join the hands and get them together at back of heels. Try to stay in this posture for several seconds.

Crow pose – Crow pose is useful for strengthening your body muscles and facilitating co ordination. It also helps in battling the fear of falling down in individuals. Start by sitting on knees and keeping palms flat on floor surface. Thereafter, place the knees on backside of arms. Then gradually lean forward and try lifting your head. When you think you can maintain the balance, try taking off the feet from ground.


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