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Top 6 Books on HCG Diet Program

To shed excess weight successfully, you can resort to many popular weight loss methods. Exercise along with a suitable diet plan remains the best choice. However, many obese individuals cannot follow that owing to lifestyle and many other limitations. Nowadays, hormone based weight loss measures have gained prominence among obese population and HCG weight loss diet is what many of them opt for. However, to succeed in this weight loss regime, you need right guidance. The HCG diet books and recipe books written by veterans in this sphere can be of use to you. Below listed are short descriptions of top HCG diet and recipe books.

The most widely read and chosen book among HCG diet followers is possibly the HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide. Its author is Linda Prinster. In this book, you can find comprehensive information on the hormone driven diet. The language used in the book is easy to comprehend which has ensured its popularity. It has a food chart that can be really helpful for candidates adhering to this diet regime. The chart is made of almost 1000 foods and beverages that you can take in various phases of the weight loss diet.

If you are concerned about the recipes that are easy to make while adhering to HCG diet, your solution is the book written by Linda Prinster and Leanne Mennemeier. As evident from its name, the book 101 Worry -Free HCG Diet Recipes can be useful for followers of the diet who want to taste various types of foods while dieting. This book is suited for those who are in phase 2 of the HCG Diet, which actually is very hard to follow. If you buy this book ad follow its recipes, there are little chances of you getting bored with lack of yummy foods while dieting. It also includes grocery list, diet tips and many awesome dishes.

If you want more elaborate book on HCG diet recipes try Over 201 Worry-Free HCG Maintenance Recipes written by same authors! This book however, is meant for the diet’s maintenance phase. This phase is also important as losing the balance can result in regaining the lost weight for candidates. However, you can also use this book for making some healthy and essentially low carb recipes that can be followed by any health conscious man or woman. The book also includes a number of guidelines that are extremely useful for the candidates.

Tiffany Prinster’s My HCG Tracker is another book HCG diet candidates can follow. It is quite helpful and makes tracking the foods you eat during the regime a cakewalk. Apart from that, this book also contains a number of inspirational quotes. This track guide will help you better identify the factors that are hindering your success in weight loss systematically.

Tiffany Prinster and Linda Prinster’s Pocket Guide to the HCG Protocol is ideal for those weight loss aspirants who want a brief but useful guide for weight loss through HCG protocol. It is small but contains all important information and food list you need to lose weight following the method invented by Dr Simeons. Its food chart in particular is very helpful for the candidates. This book can actually be kept in your pocket and you will like it if you need to spend a lot of time outdoors.

Another book you may consider is HCG diet regime e-book by Daniel Millen. Named as The Definitive HCG Diet regime Guidebook, this e book is right for those users who are outside most of the time and use tablets and mobiles a lot. The e book is replete with charts, lists, suggestions and resources that can be useful for HCG diet candidates.

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