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New studies on obesity focus on importance of healthy diet, yet again

There is no shortage of options to lose excess weight. As a significant part of global human population grapples with obesity, medical community is busy trying to find out a solution for this well known health hazard. Obese men and women opt for different methods to lose weight. Workout and hitting the gym is recommended by a majority of health experts while the importance of a balanced diet is also undeniable. Apart from that, there are all those weight loss supplements sold by numerous firms. However, a number of recent studies suggest that you need to eat right kind of foods in adequate amounts to stay slim rather than resorting to a diet.

A recent research that involved more than 32 controlled and randomized weight loss studies in the UK indicate that eating proper foods are more beneficial for weight loss than specific diets. The research was conducted over a period of half a year. The researchers wanted to see what impact is caused by lowering of fat intake in regular foods by participants. It was seen that the candidates who ate less amount of fat in their foods, lost ore weight and they were able to sustain weight loss benefits for longer period compared to others who ate fat laden foods.

At the end of the study the researchers made some conclusions. They think obese men and women should avoid eating Saturated Fat laden foods. This is necessary because this type of fat can lead to various heart ailment and strokes in aged people. They should try to incorporate healthy fats, feel the researchers. Monounsaturated fats, found in foods like avocado and olive oil should be taken by adults. Eating organic and less processed foods can help in this regard. These fats are beneficial for cardiac health in adult men and women. Of course, you need to have them in your diet in moderation.

The researchers also think that people with a tendency to put on excess weight should stay off foods like whole-fat milk and butter. If you eat low fat versions of dairy products, that can show some benefits to your waistline in six months or so, feel the researchers. University of East Anglia researchers are of the view that by cutting down fat from foods, adult men and women can experience significant weight loss. Lee Hooper, who led the study, said that the finding was quite remarkable.

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