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Know what types of tea you can take in HCG diet

When you adhere to any diet for weight loss, it is advisable that you stick to the recommended foods and beverages. However, this may be easier said than done for a majority of candidates. Those obese men and women who try HCG weight loss diet find this very hard. In this diet where a special hormone is used along with very low calorie diet, sticking to selected foods is a prerequisite. Along with foods, you need to be careful about beverages. Drinking alcohol is not recommended for HCG diet candidates. However, you can take tea during this diet regime as long as it is prepared the right way.

When you prepare Tea for HCG diet candidates, a few things need to be remembered. You cannot use sugar at all. Stevia is the only option. You can use flavored stevia if you like. However, you can use some permitted herbs to enhance flavor of the tea. You can take a couple of cups of tea during phase 2 of the diet. In the third phase, you can have more cups per day. You can find online resources online that can help you in selecting right types of teas for HCG diet.

Black tea is suited for HCG diet candidates. Since it is low in caffeine and comes with a unique flavor, you can use it without worry. Besides, this tea contains an adequate amount of anti- oxidant ingredients. You can also try green tea which is low in caffeine and has a separate flavor since it is not fermented. This tea contains a lot of antioxidant ingredients and offers several their health benefits to users. Sipping green tea can aid in metabolism boost. When you are on HCG diet, drinking green tea can make you feel energetic and prevent the desire to resort to forbidden foods.

There are some other tea variants that you can drink while adhering to HCG weight loss diet. One instance is oolong tea which has its origins in china. It’s not as dark or strong as black tea or light as green tea. Its health benefits make it suited for HCG diet followers. You can also find a number of herbal teas in market with different flavors that can be used. You can also use herbs like lemon and ginger to enhance tea flavor. Iced lemon tea can be a refreshing drink for HCG candidates.


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