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HCG Drops- is Quick Weight Loss worth the Risk

While there are several diets to lose excess body weight, it is hard to recommend any one as the ultimate cure for obesity. HCG based weight loss plans are quite popular with obese lot and the proponents are quite buoyant about its benefits. However, since its inception in the 1950s, this weight loss diet has been subjected to serous criticism from health experts and medical community. Since the FDA ban on sale of HCG liquid diet products, the detractors of HCG diet have become even more vocal. While the crackdown by FTC and FDA did not stop online sale of these products, it resulted in growing mass awareness about HCG.

While the so called homeopathic HCG sellers claim the benefits of their products, these products contain the same hormone in liquid form. The irony is that HCG is available for sale in market in legal way but it is meant for treatment of infertility in women. As of now, it is not recommended by FDA and similar health entities as a cure for obesity. Before you seek this treatment to lose excess body weight, it is better you know about the risks associated with application of HCG.

Here is no denying that a large number of people have experienced weight loss after adhering to HCG drop diet but you need to look beneath the surface to understand the implications. The weight loss is caused mostly by adherence to a very low calorie diet for a quite a number of days. The hormone, according to the proponents helps in boosting metabolism of the body and curbing the appetite in candidates. Since you are not permitted to take sugar, fat or oil in any form in their meals, you can experience drastic weight loss with the diet.

However, as is the case with application of any hormone, application of HCG, both in liquid and inject able form, results in some side effects. Some of these are not so serious and subsides once you complete the diet regime, at times things can spin out of control. In some rare cases, it can lead to fatal consequences as well. Therefore, you need to think carefully and weight in all factors before staring HCG liquid diet or any other form of it. Factors like age, gender and existing health conditions play important role in this context. It would be wrong if you get affected by the internet marketing and go ahead without medical consultation.

Before you proceed with HCG diet for weight loss, it is important that you learn the side effects it can cause. Unless you know the risks associated with their diet, you should not take a decision based on its benefits alone. Pregnant women need to be particularly careful before they resort to this hormone based diet. As HCG diet can lead to nutritional deficit in candidates, it can be ad for the fetus. Besides, in some instances HCG application can result in development of Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome which is quite risky.

It has also been observed that application of this hormone in any form can result in reduced cognitive abilities in women and men. Minor headaches and mood swings are quite common among HCG followers. Besides, skin problems and breathing issues are also faced by the candidates. The flipside is that it is difficult to retain the slim physique after you switch to regular diet. A lot of candidates regain lost weight within short period as they go on an eating spree after months of deprivation of favorite dishes. Therefore, you need to analyze your needs and situation before starting this diet.

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