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A HCG diet guidebook written by a skeptic turned believer

There are plenty of obese individuals who resort to weight loss diets with much enthusiasm and positive attitude but with time, their interest in the regime reduces and any of them give up midway. This can happen owing to a number of reasons. Some obese people quit the diet because they do not have realistic ideas about weight loss. When they do not see weight loss that meet their expectation they grow restless and desert the regime midway. For some people, resorting to restriction of the diet may be tough. This is the case with HCG diet followers, since this diet is based on low calorie regime.

If you want to try HCG weight loss diet, it is important to have proper planning and preparation. You can read HCG diet recipe and guide books for success. While there are any such books available in market, you can try a book written by a users who was initially skeptic but wrote the book after tasting success with HCG diet. This is where The Definitive HCG Diet Guidebook of Daniel Millen differs drastically from other conventional HCG guide books.

The noticeable aspect in this book is that the author does not deviate much from the measures prescribed by Dr Simeons’ who is credited as the inventor of HCG weight loss method. The resource is presented in an easy to read format. There are no jargons that can deter the beginners from reading the book in detail. You will find lots of charts, lists, helpful tips and recipes to make your journey through the entire HCG diet regime a hassle free affair!

What may make the readers of the book rather amazed is the fact, the author was skeptic of weight loss diets before he tried HCG. He was obese and became fed up of trying a number of special diets which brought him little relief from the bulging waistline. He was inspired after seeing two co workers who experienced drastic weight loss after trying HCG. He was still doubtful but started using HCG oral medication and got the Pounds and Inches downloaded. Within 3 weeks he had to change his perception after losing 25 pounds of excess weight.

He also started contributing to weight loss blog from that time. After losing 70 pounds in 2 and half months, he wanted to share his experience with other obese adults. That led him to write the book which has become quite popular since its introduction.


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