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6 Emotional Eating Triggers you need to Aware of

While there are several factors that can contribute to excess weight gin including gene and lifestyle, emotional eating is often blamed as a major factor. The irony is that many people do not even understand how they put on weight without knowing the reason. At times, you may feel emotionally driven to gorge on foods that are rich in fat, sugar and spices and hence satisfying for the taste buds. These foods can provide relief temporarily whey you are worried, agitated or distressed but they actually do more harm than good to an individual. It is important that you identify the triggers can make you indulge in emotional eating. By avoiding the core factors of emotional eating, you will be able to fight obesity better.

Loneliness – This is one major factor that can make you indulge in emotional eating. People may feel lonely owing to various reasons. Some people tend to feel lonely when they are single and feel they are getting aged. It is also natural to feel very lonely after a relation break up. No matter why you feel lonely, it is important you do something to drive away the lonely feeling to avoid overeating! You can indulge in activities that can keep your mind occupied to evade gorging on fatty foods.

Boredom – When you are bored, you may feel like eating even if actually you are not hungry. This can happen when you are browsing TV channels far likeable program with remote. It may also happen when you are waiting for something outside home. To avoid boredom, do something that makes you feel content like reading or gardening. If you feel a little hungry try eating fruits and fat free foods.

Job Stress – Work related stress can also trigger emotional eating in some people, as it has been observed. This happens particularly when you are not satisfied with your job or feel anything negative about work prospects. It is necessary that you understand beating the stress is important than craving for foods that taste delicious in such times. Munching on fat laden burgers will not resolve the stress. You can try methods like meditation or yoga to beat the stress. Short trips to serene places can also refresh your mind and body.

Exhaustion and Sleeplessness – When you are really exhausted or cannot sleep owing to any tension, you may feel like gorging on junk and fat laden foods. When you feel really worn out try light juice or drink that can soothe your body instead of fast foods. There are ways to relax when you cannot sleep but eating is not going to help it.

Foul weather – You may not have even thought of it as a trigger behind emotional eating but bad weather can be one of the reasons! Onset of winter or a gloomy and rainy day can make you feel like overeating when you are not much hungry. Try to lighten up your mood by watching a funny movie or light music in such times. You can also try cooking some healthy foods at home to avoid those extra calories you would get from junk food otherwise.

Negative feelings – Negative feelings like anger, depression and guilt can make you reach for foods. You have to make your mind understand and accept that food cannot be a long term solution for hiding or escaping from destructive feelings. You may seek professional help to deal with such negative feelings in a better way. It may be a good idea to read books written by psychology veteran son these issues to find relief from such phases in life.


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