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5 Breakfast Foods you need to keep fit and slim

Without proper breakfast, no one can feel energetic and skipping breakfast is not recommended for various health reasons. However, you need to ensure that the breakfast comprises of foods that do not contribute to your waistline. It would be a good idea to make nutrient rich and low calorie foods for breakfast at home rather than grabbing calorie laden burgers and sandwiches at fast food outlets on your way to work. There is no reason to think you will have to gorge on boiled and bland tasting foods every morning! Below listed are some breakfast food ideas that can refresh your taste buds and fulfill your nutritional needs well.

Oatmeal porridge – You can use any low fat and steel cut oats for this dish. The other ingredients are skimmed milk, a bit of cardamom and a spoon of honey. Blend the oats and milk in a pot and then add the honey to it. Put it on heat and simper for a few minutes. Before serving you can sprinkle some slices of apple or berries on top. Based on the amount of honey used, this dish will contain about 250 calories.

Low fat fruit smoothie – If you are in a hurry and munching a number of toasts is not something you like, try this low fat yummy fruit smoothie. It will fill you till lunch and prevent hunger pangs. You can use many fruits to make a smoothie but popular choices are banana, apple, berries, orange and peach. It would be a good idea to take fruits that have high fiber and water content. To sweeten the smoothie you can take honey. Using low fat yogurt or skimmed milk is advisable. Blend everything in a mixer till everything becomes creamy. Serve with fruit slices on top and add some ice cubes if you want. The calorie value will vary based on the fruits you use.

Scrambled eggs or tofu – This is a dish that tastes awesome and can be prepared fast. You can use 2 egg whites or a cup of tofu, based on your choices to make the dish. The other ingredients are chopped onion, garlic, soy sauce, tomato sauce, ground black pepper, salt, olive oil. You can also use any other cooking oil and chopped vegetables can be added as per your preference. Heat the oil in a pan. Add the chopped garlic and onion to it. Then add the tofu or egg whites to it. Blend everything well and pour the sauces into the pan. Serve the dish with a toast. If necessary you can use some cilantro leaves or lettuce for adornment.

Fruit salads – It is a wrong idea that salads are only good for serving with main meals. You can use yummy salads made of fruits and vegetables as a part of breakfast. You can take many fruits but apples, cucumbers, oranges and berries fit the bill the best. You should use organic fruits to obtain the best benefits. It would be a good idea to use low fat yogurt and cheese with the salads. Sometimes, you can also combine boiled egg slices and lean meat slices like chicken with vegetables to bring some variations to the salad.

Soy milk and butter milk – It would be a good idea to complete the breakfast with a healthy and nutritious drink. Apart from pour fruit juice, you can try using soy milk and butter milk. Buttermilk is low calorie, tastes good and contains good amount of protein. Soy milk is a good source of vitamin D, calcium and protein. These drinks also serve need for vegetarians worried about adequate protein intake.

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