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Lip Smacking Salad Dishes for HCG diet followers

People usually do not pay much attention to salads unless they are on weight loss regime. When you are on HCG weight loss diet, salads form a part of your meals throughout the day. However, you still need to be careful about using condiments and spices in salads when you are on this diet. Refrain from using any fat laden condiments or sugar for making any salad. You can still have various types of vegetarian and non veg salads that can give some relief to your taste buds. Below listed are some unusual yet yummy salad recipes meant for HCG regime. They can be prepared easily and tried by HCG diet followers.

Apple Tilapia Salad– You will need ingredients like a mid size head lettuce, soy sauce, diced apple, lemon juice and orange juice to make the dish. Apart from these, you will also need 200 grams of cooked tilapia. Blend the salad ingredients in a large bowl first. Next, blend fruit juices well with soy sauce. Toss them with salad well before serving.

Baby Spinach Salad– You will have to use Baby spinach greens 200 grams to prepare this salad for HCG candidates. Other ingredients for this dish include Dijon mustard, orange juice, orange jest, balsamic vinegar, freshly grated ginger, red pepper flakes and salt. You will have to mix the ingredients well and then toss with baby spinach before serving.

Asparagus Salad– To make this yummy salad you will need around 600 grams of fresh asparagus. Apart from that, you will also require apple cider vinegar, dry mustard, celery seeds, white pepper, salt and green onions cut in small pieces. Blend everything except asparagus and seasonings first. Then Trim off upper part of asparagus and discard tough ends. Wash the asparagus well. Cut the stalks carefully into 1/4 inch small slices. Place the asparagus pieces in a big bowl. Blend the other ingredients and pour dressing on it. Chill it for an hour before serving.

Overnight Tossed Salad– You will require an iceberg lettuce, chopped green pepper, sliced red onion, chopped celery, lemon juice and fresh mushrooms sliced. Blend all ingredients except lemon juice in a bowl. Then toss mushrooms and pour lemon juice from top. Keep it in refrigerator for some time. Thereafter, the salad can be served with fish or chicken.

Radish Salad-You will need to take sliced radish in desired quantity along with minced onion. You will also need parsley, lemon juice, liquid aminos, pepper and salt to cook this dish. Blend everything well in a large bowl and keep it in refrigeration for some hours. You can serve the salad with some low fat dressing.

Wilted Spinach Salad- To make the salad, you will require raw spinach worth 400 grams. You will also require onion, thinly sliced, prepared mustard, cider vinegar, garlic salt, pepper and stevia. To prepare the salad, mix onion with spinach. Then chill it in fridge. For making the dressing, heat the other ingredients together. Pour hot dressing over chilled salad just before serving.

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