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How to succeed in HCG diet when you are a vegetarian

There are plenty of options available for people who want to shed excess body weight. While a number of weight loss diets exist in market, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, the noted British Endocrinologist made sensation in the industry by introducing weight loss plan that combines low calorie diet with application of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone. Despite a ban by FDA and dissent of a section of medical community, HCG weight loss diet has become quite popular among obese lot. This weight loss diet can be followed by obese male and female candidates. However, those who are strict vegetarians may face some difficulties in adhering to this weight loss diet.

Contrary to what many people usually think, vegetarians should not face much difficulty in adhering to this diet. However, with little care and planning vegetarians can also get desired results from this diet. If you area vegetarian. You need to be careful about not eating rice and wheat since they contain some amount of starch. However, it is possible to use soy-milk based products. It would be a practical idea to search for vegetarian HCG diet recipe online or buy such a cookbook.

When you try to adhere to HCG diet and do not want to take any animal protein, remember that intake of Vitamin B12 is still very important. This nutrient is found in dairy products, Fish, egg, Poultry and other meats. Since vegetarians do not take any of this, they need to intake vitamin B12 from other sources while following this diet. You can take vitamin B12 supplement after a discussion with doctors.

While you can take a lot of fruits and vegetables in this weight loss diet, be careful about mixing them. Fruits like mangoes and avocados are supposed to be avoided and vegetables like carrots and peas are not allowed. The good thing is that you can use a lot of non fatty seasonings to make HCG friendly dishes. The advisable condiments include garlic, lemon, black pepper, sea salt, parsley, apple cider vinegar etc. While usage of cooking oil is more or less not recommended, you can use PAM spray and reduced sugar ketchup sparingly.

You need to be careful while shopping for HCG diet dishes, particularly if you are a vegetarian. Since HCG diet requires candidate to adhere to a really low daily calorie intake limit, vegetarians may face a risk of protein deficiency. Sadly, Vegetable proteins tend to be less digestible compared to animal proteins. Health experts recommend that vegetarians following this weight loss diet can try taking orange juice or calcium enriched soy milk in case they avoid dairy products. Tofu and soy based foods can be taken to make up for protein deficiency to an extent.

A few small cooking tricks can make HCG friendly vegetable dishes more palatable for your taste buds. You can use fresh herbs just before putting off the flame and dry herbs should be used at the start of cooking process to make the flavors work better. You can use mushrooms to substitute meat based dishes as well.

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