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HCG dishes with a touch of Thai Cuisine

There is a prevalent misconception among obese lot that diet foods tend to be bland and tiring for the taste buds. When you try to follow a low calorie diet like the HCG weight loss diet, this can become a problem, according to them. However, you may be amazed to know that you can actually cook up some yummy dishes that can be taken by HCG diet followers without many hardships. If you are a fan of Thai cuisine, you will be glad to know that some mouth watering Thai dishes can be cooked in a way suitable or HCG diet candidates! Most of these dishes are suitable for candidates in phase 2 or 3 of the weight loss diet.

Thai Inspired tomato and chicken soup

You will need 100 grams of chopped chicken breast, a cup of chopped tomato, garlic, water, red chilli, fresh ginger to make the dish. You will also need lemon grass, lemon juice, dried onion, dried Stevia, Balsamic vinegar and chopped basil. Mix the ingredients Lemon grass, onion flakes, stevia, ginger, chilli and garlic in water well. Boil it for 10 minutes till the flavors come out. Then add lime juice and tomato to it. Wait till the soup begins to get thick. Then add chopped chicken breast. Boil for some more time. After putting off flame add basil and balsamic vinegar. Serve the dish while it is hot.

Thai Chicken curry soup

This is one recipe you can try in phase three of HCG diet with a bit of caution since it is a little higher on calorie value. The main ingredients needed to cook this dish are sliced chicken breast worth 100 grams, yellow curry paste, chicken broth, Stevia, chili paste and broccoli slaw. You will also require coconut extract, cilantro, and lime to make this dish. First blend the curry paste with chick broth in a plate well. Cook it for a few minutes and slowly pour in stevia and chilli paste. Then add the chicken and simmer for 5 minutes or so. Thereafter add broccoli slaw and heat for a few minutes. Wait till the rawness of slaw is gone. After putting off the flame, add lime juice and coconut extract. Before serving garnish cilantro and lime.

Spicy Thai Cucumber Salad

The main ingredients needed to cook this dish are a cucumber cut in julienne style, lemon juice, Bragg’s liquid aminos, vegetable broth, garlic crushed, chopped green onion, chopped cilantro leaves, basil, red chili flakes and stevia. Blend the liquid ingredients with onion, herbs, chili flake sand garlic. Pour this mixture over cucumber slices and coat well. Let it marinate for a few hours and serve chilled.

Thai Beef Tenderloin

This phase 3 recipe tastes awesome and it is a treat for meat lovers. The main ingredient to cook this dish is a pound of beef tenderloin. It needs to be cut in small strips. Other ingredients include canola oil, Ginger Root, garlic, canola oil, Green Bell Pepper, Red Bell Pepper, soy sauce, mint and basil. Blend the beef pieces with curry paste well. Marinate it for 30 minutes or so. Then heat a pan on flame and add some oil to it. Brown the beef slowly on all sides and keep it aside for some time then. Next, sauté the onion and peppers a bit and add ginger and garlic to that. Stir for a minute more and add soy sauce. Before putting off flame, add min and basil. Cook it well till the meat becomes soft.

Spicy Thai Cabbage Salad

This one is meant for HCG maintenance phase. The main ingredients required are Red cabbage, Apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, olive oil, green onions and salt. Cut the cabbages and blend it with green onions and cayenne pepper. Mix other ingredients well and add extra virgin olive oil. When you complete the HCG diet regime, you can add cashew and raisins to it.

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