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FDA Crackdown on HCG Drops – Does it mean the end of HCG Diet?

The HCG weight loss diet, invented by Dr Simeons became extremely popular with weight loss aspirants after the 1970s. However, after the FDA crack down on HCG liquid diet last year, the public perception about the hormone controlled weight loss plan has suffered a setback. The medical community itself is divided on the effectiveness of diet. A section of medical experts lambast the claims of proponents of the HCG diet. In the development that made headlines last year, the Federal Trade Commission and US FDA issued warning to as many as 7 HCG weight loss product manufacturers, directing them to stop sale of those products.

The FDA recommends the hormone only for treating cases of infertility in adult women and not for weight loss. Federal Trade Commission’s advertising practices division’s assistant director Richard Cleland blasted that the claims of the HCG drop sellers. He said that the claims are not scientifically proven and they are mostly driven by fad and mass ignorance about weight loss facts. FDA spokesperson Elizabeth Miller said it is uncertain how much of HCG is present in the HCG drop products sold by these manufacturers. She said that the dramatic weight loss claims made by sellers are not backed by any credible study. The FDA is also weary of after effects of resorting to extreme low calorie diet.

An FDA pharmacist Elisabeth Walther said that so called homeopathic HCG products do not adhere to Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia list in the USA. Hence, these products cannot be sold legally in the country like other homeopathy medications.

While the step taken by FDA created buzz in medical community and generated headlines, it apparently did not deter the manufacturers of HCG liquid diet products by a large margin. Co founder of one such company, based in Idaho said that his company will not stop sale of the products, citing public interest related reasons. However, the company did not clarify the amount of HCG present in its products.

The FDA is unsure about the exact customer base of these companies but from their huge internet marketing, it is apparent that the customer base is significant. Interestingly, medical experts who believe in administering HCG in injection form, which was the invention of DR Simeons, expressed happiness at the move of FDA and FTC. NJ based doctor Sherri Emma was one of them. She went on to say, homeopathic drops contain a negligible amount of the hormone which is hardly as effective as the injection. She and some other medical experts thinks orally administered HCG gets inactivated in mouth and therefore does not work the same way as the HCG injection.

While FDA cracked down on the orally administered variant of HCG products, it is not generous about the traditional injection based treatment as well. The FDA had been vocal about side effects of HCG and the low calorie diet that the aspirants are asked to follow. The entity also warned that the companies that were issued the warning should respond within a timeframe or they could be prosecuted and penalized.

While the FDA warning did not stop the companies from selling Homeopathic HCG products with immediate effect, it did make them cautious. The other companies that were not warned also got into damage control mode. Some of them resorted to appealing to customers, citing how thousands of people have benefited from HCG diet and consumers should not allow FDA to carry on in this note. The reality is that, formulations with approved HCG are still available in market, though not sold as weight loss medications and hence people can buy and use them.


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