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Delectable Smoothie recipes for HCG diet candidates

When you adhere to a diet, selection of foods and drinks is very important. Many weight loss candidates feel confused and unsure about any foods they should take or avoid. This becomes even more evident when you adhere to HCG weight loss diet. In this diet, control of daily calorie intake is of utmost importance and this is where many candidates get stick. Especially, during phase 2 of the diet, when you need to survive on only 500 calories per day, many people find it grueling.  The craving for sweets dishes, desserts and drinks can haunt them. While you cannot gulp down nay cola or commercially sold juices during this diet regime, alternative do exist. When you feel thirsty, prepare some yummy smoothies with recommended fruits, vegetables and stevia.

HCG Berry Smoothie – This is suitable for candidates who are in third phase of the diet. To make this smoothie, you will need some Strawberries, Raspberries and blueberries. Apart from the fruits, you will have to use skimmed milk, ice and stevia.  Place fruits with stevia in a blender and pour milk. Blend for a few minutes to make the smoothie. Sprinkle ice on top and serve chilled. If you want, using flavored stevia is also possible.

HCG Strawberry Smoothie – This smoothie is ideal for phase 2 candidates. You will need to take 5 fresh strawberries, crushed ice, vanilla extract, stevia and juice of lemon. Mix all the ingredients in blender and blend for a few minutes and serve the smoothie chilled.

HCG smoothie for Phase 2 – This smoothie can also be taken as an entire meal during phase 2 of HCG diet. You will need 100 grams skimmed cottage cheese, 3 egg whites, frozen strawberries, peeled cucumbers, and 1 whole egg. Put everything in a food processor and blend till the texture becomes smooth and creamy. Then add a few drops of stevia and serve after chilling.

Mint Chocolate Coffee Smoothie – To make this smoothie you will need ingredients like 6 ounces brewed coffee, milk chocolate stevia, Peppermint stevia, powdered cocoa, skim milk and ice cubes. Bend all the ingredients until the smoothie is made. If you make it for phase 3, it is okay to add some cream.

Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie – This smoothie is quite yummy and takes little time to prepare. You have to take 2 frozen bananas, chocolate syrup, frozen strawberries and plain yoghurt to make it. Blend everything together in a blender and serve with ice cubes.

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