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5 Morning Exercises to Keep you Slim and Fit

While there are plenty of diets obese individuals try to get slimmer, health exerts always recommend workouts. Even the most effective diet regime works better when you couple it with a daily workout regime. However, it would be wrong to think that you will have to hit gym or invest in lots of expensive equipments for fitness. You can resort to various exercises that do not require you to spend tons of money. It is necessary that you adhere to medical and health guidelines while doing these exercises. These exercises can be done at any time of the day. However, it is better if you do them at morning since it is the time of the day when you are refreshed and without fatigue.

Running– There is no simpler exercise than running. You can run in any nearby park or on roads that are relatively less chaotic. However, the roads remain more or less free of vehicle in early morning. It is advisable that you buy a pair of running shoes with ergonomic support. You can start running for a few minutes in the beginning and then increase the time gradually. You can vary the speed of running from time to time. It is possible to burn as much as 900 calories in an hour through running.

Swimming– Swimming not only helps in burning calories but it is a very good exercise for entire body. It helps in toning the muscles in your leg and arms. Even if you are pregnant or elderly, this is an exercise that will not do you harm. You can swim in a nearby swimming pool and it is better of you have one at home. It is thought of a low risk injury workout. However, for health reasons you should ensure that the quality of water in the pool is good. In many areas, swimming pools have special water heating provisions so that people can swim in chilly winter days.

Using stairs-Simple and trivial as it may sound to some people, using staircase instead of elevator can prove to be good for your body weight. When you climb stairs, maintain an upright posture. It would be a good idea to climb every alternate stair when climbing. You can use the stairs in malls and markets when you go for grocery and other shopping needs.

Aerobic exercise- If you find the idea of regular workouts boring, try aerobic exercise for a change. You can buy aerobic workout DVDs and CDs in market or from the web. It can be done at privacy of your home and there is no need to attend a gym as such. You should not let the exercise be too strenuous. You can hum songs while doing aerobics exercise. Keep a tab on your breathing pattern when you practice.

Cycling– Cycling is an excellent exercise that you can try to burn extra calories in the morning. It also helps in toning the leg and hand muscles well. You can cycle in morning when roads are not clogged with cars and bikes. Use protective gears and suitable clothes during winter. It is also possible to use indoor bikes that remain fixed at one place if you prefer doing it indoors. There are different types of bikes with regular handles or handles that require riders to lean while cycling. You should select one that fits your needs the best. The focus should be on ergonomics and comfort than style in this regard. You can ride on different terrains but cycling on roads with up and down slopes will give you scope to slowdown or speed up.


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