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Skincare tips for HCG diet followers

Gaining weight may be accomplished without much conscious effort but losing excess body weight can prove to be an uphill task for a lot of men and women. Some fat persons cannot try exercise or weight loss plans for lifestyle ad health related problems. They opt for various weight loss diets. However, success sin these diets depend on a lot of factors. It is important to prepare and eat foods in right way. However, you also need to be careful about aspects like meal schedule and quantity of food to get the desired result. This is even more applicable for those individuals who are adhering to HCG weight loss diet.

In HCG diet, you need to be cautious on calorie intake. In the early phase, you should not take foods that are over 500 calorie limit per day. You cannot have much salt and using sugar is forbidden. Using fat ridden foods is not allowed. You also need to be careful about not letting fat and oil enter your body by any means. It means you need to be careful about using skin care products as well! However awkward it is, you should refrain from using oil based cream, lotion, body butter or any skin care item that contains oil while following this weight loss regime. If you use such products on skin, oil can seep in the skin layers and add to fat reserve in your body.

It is not necessary to stop using skincare and grooming products while adhering to HCG weight loss plan. After all, you will have to keep yourself presentable while attending social occasions and workplace. It is essential to use soap and body wash gels that are free of paraben. It would be a good idea to use natural and herb products based on citrus fruit extracts. Same can be said about any skin care product you use including sun screen lotions, moisturizers, toner and face wash. You can use water based skin lotions instead of oil based ones.

It would be a good idea to resort to web for finding HCG friendly skin care products. There are a number of companies that manufacture such products for women and men online. You can also read reviews of these products and see user feedbacks to select right sort of products for personal use. Interacting with ex users of HCG diet online will also help you in this regard.

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