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Make HCG Diet Less Tedious for you with Cucumber

Food selection can be an ordeal for those obese women and men who are on weight loss regime. They feel scared of taking foods they love for fear of thwarting benefits of the diets. From beverages to snacks, they do not enjoy eating anything during these phases. For HCG diet candidates the situation can be even more extreme. They have to maintain a daily calorie consumption limit under all circumstances. If you are about to start this hormone powered weight loss plan, choosing right foods can be of importance to you. Some fruits and vegetables are permitted for people adhering to HCG diet.

While there are quite a number of fruits that you can eat during HCG diet regime, give cucumbers a try. The watery vegetable with its unique taste will keep you full for hours and you will not have to bother about amount of calorie intake. Eating cucumbers can benefit anyone in multiple ways and the green, long shaped vegetable is ideal for diet candidates. They are easy to find anywhere and do not cost a bomb either.

As a matter of fact, you can have cucumbers in multiple ways when you are on HCG based weight loss diet. You can have them without using any spice or condiment. Eating raw and fresh cut cucumber slices with a tinge of salt is a good idea to satiate your taste buds before a meal. They can be used with a lot of salads as well. You can also use cucumbers with soups. You can serve cucumber slices on top of soups and combining cold cucumber slices with hot side dishes would be another good option. Just make sure that you do not use mayonnaise or any fat laden condiment with cucumber. In fact, you can resort to web for finding various exciting and low fat recipes or HCG diet candidates that include cucumbers. You can download these recipes and make them at home without any problem.

Cucumber is also nutritious and it contains nutrients like ascorbic acid, potassium, silica and fiber. While you are on HCG diet, keeping the body hydrated is very important. When you eat cucumbers your body gets some amount of water. It is more watery than many other fruits. Since you need to maintain low calorie intake level, your body may not get sufficient minerals but eating cucumbers can help you compensate for the deficit, to an extent.

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