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Know everything about fruits allowed for HCG diet candidates

While you are on a weight loss diet, choosing foods can become a tough task for you. This is even more relevant for those obese women and men who are on HCG weight loss diet. Since maintaining daily calorie intake is extremely important in this diet, you need to be very careful about what you eat. While eating fruits is allowed in this diet, you just cannot eat each and every fruit you want. It is better if you know what kind of fruits you can and cannot eat while adhering to this diet plan. This will help you in getting most out of this weight loss plan.

On an average, you can have 2 servings of selected fruits per day. You can have fruits like grapefruits, apples, strawberries and apple. It would be good if you have fruits servings all over the day rather than combining them with main meals, say the experts. Apart from that, you can keep an orange and apple with you if there is a need to go out. If you feel hungry outside these fruits will help you combat hunger pangs to an extent and help preventing binge eating. It would be better if you eat fresh fruits instead of dried ones. Dried fruits contain more calories compared to fresh counterparts. Strawberries contain fewer amounts of calories than oranges and grapes, as studies have shown.

In phase 1 of the diet, when you make your body accustomed to dietary changes, you are not supposed to eat fruits. In second stage, you can have a few fruits including those mentioned above. In third and last stage of HCG diet, you are allowed to eat many types of fruits. However, you should not eat fruits that contain lost of natural sugar such as mangoes and bananas. Sugary fruit juices are not recommended either.

To ensure that you do not deviate from your calorie limit while adhering to this diet, choose fruits carefully. It would be good if you can buy and eat white California grapefruit which is low calorie. Red Florida grapefruit is even better in this regard.


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