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How to ensure you do not go off track in HCG diet’s third phase

In any diet, adhering to basics in terms of foods is very important. Yet this is where a lot of weight loss aspirants fail and they wonder why their efforts are not yielding much result. Some of them expect results too early while some others tend to give up the healthy habit towards end of the diet. This can do more harm than good. It is also applicable for HCG diet candidates. This diet which is based on hormone application and calorie control can yield results when you are careful through each phase. A lot of candidates let the rein loose in last phase which results in negating their previously obtained results.

If you have successfully complemented first two phases of this weight loss diet, maintain the same restraint and adhere to food intake limits in the third phase too. This part is also called maintenance phase, when you are allowed to take more calories per day and slowly resume regular eating style. Phase 3 comprises of three weeks duration. However, resist the temptation of gorging into foods and drinks with Trans fat and excess calories. Same can be said of artificial sweeteners.

Like other phases of the diet, even in phase three of HCG diet drinking plenty of water is important. During this phase, you can eat 6 meals a day and some healthy snacks are permitted. Using microwaves to make or reheat foods is not advisable. At this phase, the candidates are asked to do light to moderate exercises.

In phase 3, you can start eating some foods that were restricted in previous phase. However, you need to resume these dishes in your meals a little slowly. At third phase, food cravings may happen and metabolism balancing takes place. You can eat foods like eggs, turkey, chicken, beef jerky, lots of fruits and dairy products, albeit in moderation. Carbohydrate based foods can be eaten but you must not consume much. Rather than using much sugar you should eat foods that contain natural sugar for maximum benefits during this phase. To be on safe side, you can resort to top HCG diet books.

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