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HCG ginger recipes that you can savor

For obese people, choosing suitable foods can turn out to be an ordeal and it is more so when they try to adhere to a weight loss diet. They cannot decide what kind of foods would be good n them. If you are on a diet, it is likely that you have faced this dilemma too!  While dieters are advised to stay away from several type of foods, discarding many foods can lead to nutritional deficit, which in turn can make you weak and cause several side effects. For HCG diet candidates, this is quite common. They have to maintain a calorie intake limit per day but the thought of nutrient deficit haunts them.

However, you can include ginger to make several nutritious yet low calorie dishes while adhering to this diet. Ginger is a thermogenic herb and it can aid body metabolism to an extent. This herb also has a rich flavor that makes the foods you cook aromatic. This will prevent the dishes you eat from tasting bland and flavorless. You can have delicious dishes that do not taste awful. Below listed are some HCG friendly dishes that can be prepared using ginger.

Orange Ginger Chicken– To add an exotic flavor to the chicken, you have to prepare a sauce with ingredients like fresh ginger, garlic, basil and orange juice. The dish can be prepared in half an hour. You will need 100 gram diced chicken, black pepper, minced garlic and basil to make the dish. With these, you will also require an orange and it should be cut in 4 pieces. Small amount of lemon juice will also be needed. To make the dish, preheat a pan over medium flame. Add chicken to the pan and sprinkle some pepper on top of it. Stir fry the meat well for some minutes. Then add garlic and cook well for 5 minutes. Thereafter sprinkle orange juice on top of the meat. Next, add basil, ginger, lemon juice and orange parts with the meat. Mix everything well and simmer the ingredients for 20 minutes or so.

Lemon Ginger Chicken Stir fry – To make this yummy dish, you will need 100 grams of chicken breast. Along with the meat, you will also need ingredients like onion, red pepper, green pepper, diced garlic and seas alt. A spoon of fresh grated ginger and a lemon will also be needed. To make the dish, cut the chicken in thin slices and put in a small bowl. Mix grated ginger, pepper, sea salt and chopped garlic to this bowl. Then squeeze the juice of lemon over the meat well. Marinate chicken pieces for 20 minutes. Then cut the peppers and onion in small pieces. Once marinating is over, heat a pan over medium flame. Add chicken to the pan and stir fry till it gets quite tender. Add all other ingredients and stir fry for a few minutes.

Ginger tea– When you feel thirsty and feel like taking something other than water during the diet, try this healthy ginger tea. To make it, you will need Ginger root cut in thin slices. You will also need some stevia, water and lemon juice. To make the tea, heat water in pan and add Ginger root slices. Boil it for a few minutes. Add tea leaves, stevia and lemon juice afterwards.

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