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HCG friendly fruit salads for last phase of the diet

If you feel tired of adhering to rather bland tasting foods on diet regime, there is no need to give up hope yet. This can happen to lots of dieters, particularly those who try low calorie diets like HCG weight loss diet. However, one good thing about this hormone based diet is that, candidates are allowed to res with diet regime. So, if you can cope with low-calorie first phase of the diet, you may start eating foods with higher calorie in last two phases. However, it is important that you maintain healthy eating habits in all phases. Therefore, it would be a good idea to have some tasty salads made with different fruits in second and third part of the diet.

Tropical Fruit Salad – you can make this salad when you are on third phase f HCG diet. It tastes yummy and can be prepared without much hassle. You will need kiwi, half cup grapes, and Watermelon slices and cubed pineapple slices. You will also need to use a peeled apple, stevia and Honeydew Melon. Mix all the fruit pieces and slices in a large bowl. Then sprinkle some stevia on the slices well and serve the dish.

Romaine and Strawberry Salad – To make this salad you will require a head romaine lettuce, sliced strawberries, sliced red onion and watercress bunches. For dressing, you will have to use a spoon of vinegar, lime juice, salt, black pepper and stevia. Blend the watercress, onion, strawberries and romaine well and place in a plate. In a small jar mix the ingredients for dressing and shake well. Pour the dressing over the salad.

Mix fruit salad for HCG – You will need a can of peaches, 2 boiled potatoes, half a dozen bananas, 3 cucumbers and chopped walnuts to make the salad. To decorate the dish, you can use orange slices, chopped walnuts and 1 head lettuce. For dressing, you need to use low fat mayonnaise, chili sauce, salt and fresh cream. At first, cut all the vegetables in small pieces and slice the fruits as well. Them keep them in a large bowl and put in refrigerator for some time. Blend the dressing ingredients well. Thereafter, bring out the bowl with salad ingredients from refrigerator and pour the dressing over the base. Chill the prepared salad again for some time. Decorate the bowl with slices of orange and a lettuce cover before serving.


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