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HCG friendly crab based recipes you can enjoy

There is a misconception among weight loss aspirants that for the time they are on a diet regime, they will have to survive on boiled and bland vegetables and fruits. This is however far from the reality. In some diets, you can have tasty foods as long as they are prepared in right manner. In HCG diet, eating low calorie food is of utmost importance. However, you can still have some seafood and fish that can satiate your taste buds. You can try making some crab based dishes while following these diets. However, keep in mind that some of them can be used as an entire meal instead of side dish.

HCG РCrab BisqueРTo make this dish, you will need 1 can Crab meat, 1.5 cup of vegetable broth, minced onion and garlic. Along with these, you will also need chopped tomatoes, bay leaf and Creole Seasoning. Use black pepper and salt as much as you need. Next, you need to mix tomatoes with garlic, onion and broth. Pour this mixture in a pan. Thereafter, add the crab meat, seasoning and bay leaf and cook at low heat. Keep stirring in between so that it does not stick.

HCG crab salad– To cook this dish, you will need 100 grams of cube cut crab meat, Apple Cider Vinegar, Minced Onion and lime juice. You will also require Garlic Powder, black pepper and salt. First of all, you will have to steam the crab meat well. Then you will have to mix ingredients like Minced Onion, Lemon Juice and Apple Cider Vinegar with it. Thereafter, add Black Pepper, salt, Garlic Powder with it. This can be served over a green salad if you wish so. In that case, it can be taken as a meal.

Spicy Crab and Cucumber- This is a refreshing recipe meant for candidates who are in phase 2 of HCG diet. To cook this dish, you will require 100 grams of lump crab meat, water, lemon juice, dry mustard. Apart from these, you will also require chopped green onions, a cucumber in sliced form, red pepper flakes. Use salt and pepper according to your need. To make the dish, blend dry mustard with lime juice and water in a bowl. Now add the red pepper flakes, green onions and crab and blend them well. Add salt and pepper to it. Serve the meat on cucumber slices.

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