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HCG and water intake: Know the basics

For kicking excess weight from your body, you need to be careful about various aspects. A lot of people think restricting food options and discarding fat is the main objective of a weight loss diet. However, there are other lesser known but important things that you should be aware of if weight loss is on your agenda. This is true about HCG diet as well. In this diet, a hormone is used to burn fat along with a restricted calorie diet. However, what many candidates do not realize is the fact that along with proper foods they need to intake right kind and amount of fluids. This is also crucial for losing weight in a consistent way for women and men.

Drinking adequate water is advisable for anyone, irrespective of waistline. However, when you try HCG diet, it is important to pay attention to adequate water and fluid intake. If you do not drink enough water while adhering to this diet, it can lead to deficit in weight loss. If you do not drink enough water while dieting, your body will try to retain water. Lack of water intake can often lead to low energy levels which may affect fat burning and metabolism adversely.

HCG diet candidates should rely on water as the main fluid. They can also try herbal tea without sugar at times. In HCG diet sugar usage is prohibited but people tend to use more salt in making foods. To cope with additional salt intake, the body needs more water. Drinking more water can help you combat water retention triggered by salt intake. Besides, by taking large amount of water in between meals you can battle hunger pangs.

When you find drinking water all day a little boring, you can try a few variations with recommended ingredients. For example, you can blend lemon drops, stevia with cold water to make a soda alternative beverage that can be used safely. Stevia is also available in different flavors nowadays. It is also possible to use herbs like ginger and cardamom with herbal tea to offer a refreshing change to your taste buds.

You can use tap water and get it filtered at home before drinking while on this weight loss diet. However, refrain from using regular mineral water sold in market. A lot of these products are carbonated and may contain chemicals which are not ideal for HCG diet followers.

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